Lakme Lip Gloss Strawberry Review


Lakme Lip Gloss Strawberry 

Lakme Lip Gloss strawberry+strawberry lip gloss+cheap lip gloss

What Lakme claims about this Lipgloss

A kiss of color. A sheer hint of delicious flavor. Incredibly high-shine. Gives glamorous juicy lips.

  • Price – 15 ml for INR 175

Shades Available:

  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Bubblegum

I remember I was in 10th standard when I first bought this lip gloss. Needless to say, this is my first love and first lip gloss. Well, that’s how a 15 year old’s obsession for lip glosses and lipsticks started which still continues. Though I am more of a lipstick girl now, but I still love this lip gloss. I keep buying this one whenever a tube gets over.  I won’t bore you all with my nostalgic memories. So, coming to the review.

The lip gloss comes in a transparent tube with a slant tip, secured by a cap. The cap screws well on the tube and this makes the tube travel friendly.  The shade looks reddish pink in tube but comes out quite sheer when applied. If i try to build up colour by applying more of the gloss, it kind of feels heavy. It is thick and sticky, but not very sticky. I use it over my matte lipsticks for a glossy shine or to tone down very bright lipsticks. The colour does not stay much on my lips and vanishes after about an hour. If I have a meal, the colour vanishes completely. Even after the colour disappears, the gloss leaves a glossy shine which stays for another 1-2 hours. It is glossy but does not have any shimmer. It has a sugary kind of sweet fragrance smells of strawberries. Can’t say about the taste because I never lick my lip glosses. 🙂

Lakme Lip Gloss strawberry+strawberry lip gloss+cheap lip gloss

The best part about this gloss is that it is very moisturising. My lips feel soft and supple for 3-4 hours, even after this gloss vanishes.  My lips turn very dry in winters and this lip gloss is my saviour. I apply this lip gloss only or use it with a lipstick and I am good to go.

The tube is transparent and I can see how much gloss is left. The Slant applicator gives better control over quantity but it’s a bit difficult to use it on the cupid’s bow and corners of lips.

Pros of Lakme Lip Gloss in Strawberry:-

  • Lakme Lip Gloss in Strawberry is very moisturising
  • It has a sweet smell like strawberries.
  •  Packaging is a tube with slant applicator secured with a screw cap. Travel-friendly.
  • Has a slant applicator helps to control amount of gloss, but I think slant tip tubes don’t work very well on thin lips.
  •  Reasonably priced.

 Lakme Lip Gloss Strawberry Swatches:-

Lakme lip gloss strawberry swatch+Lakme strawberry lip gloss swatches+Lakme

Cons of Lakme Lip Gloss in Strawberry:-

  • The colour of gloss is very sheer and fades within an hour after application. Does not have a very good staying power.
  • Only three shades available.
  •  Quite sticky but not goopy.

Will I buy again – Definitely yes< to use with matte and long stay lipstick for awesome effect it has.

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  1. Oh! U really luv this it seems! I rememba using this…I think most f us got this initially..I recall goin t d store wid pals and then choosing r tube as if there were 100s f shades t choose from..brought bk sa many memories..

  2. Oh I Never tried their lip gloss.. I have tried their lakme lip love and its a great lip conditioner…will look out for this..thanx 4 the! :-))

  3. ey bella… nice little nostalgic memory there 🙂 the first every gloss i bought was vaseline tinted balm.. it had a similar tube packaging and was a complete disaster!

    • yea… at that time i used to feel so cool while using it! but it did zilch for my chapped lips and the colour transferred everywhere… lol 🙂

      do you remember the shade you had?

      • i had the red wala…ur so did absolutely nohing for the lips but it was so cool to carry it around and whip it out of r pockets and use infront of everyone 😉

  4. ya i remember my sis buying this… it had this strange bubblegum smell and sticky.. used to try it on chori chori… brought back memories… 😉

  5. when in school i used sooooo look out for these but my mother never allowed make up then :pain:

    now I am totally allowed n strange I frgot abt them 😛

    I shud get this thnx fr reminding 🙂

  6. can i join to write reviews i am new to this make up site………….. i use lots of beauty products bt never checked reviews before buying …. frm last 2 months i check reviews n dan buy n ur site has helped me alot in buying nice products …………..


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