Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Tinted Stick (Black currant, Tangerine & Raspberry) Review


Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Tinted Stick Black currant, Tangerine & Raspberry

As promised you with a post on swatches, that we will be back with the review of the Lakme Lip Love Care Tinted Sticks in three colours Black Currant, Tangerine and Raspberry, we are back!

We already shared a lot about the packaging of the products as being indicative of the colours which is good. The low side was the top transparent cover which does not come off this smoothly.

The lip balms are super moisturizing and definitely stays for 2-3 hours at a stretch post which you need to re-apply them. They are perfectly fit for summer use with their SPF 15 to cover your lips from any kind of sun damage. So during the day times, these are perfect to wear!

  • Price – 200 for 3.8gm

lakme lip love tinted sticks swatch

Raspberry, Blackcurrent & Tangerine swatch

lakme lip love tinted stick hand swatch

Texture: The texture is smooth and buttery. It does glide smoothly on your lips. You feel the hint of the colour embracing your lips in about two swipes. The colour is very glossy and makes you feel hydrated and happy about your lips. Though it is still very early to speak about the lips feeling well when they are totally chapped. It might not be very effective on chapped lips.

Blackcurrent Lip Balm On My Lips

lakme lip love tinted stick lip swatch blackcurrent

There is a mild fragrance in the lip sticks which stays for 10-15 minutes but evaporates after that. The colour might keep you enchanted for longer but the loss of fragrance does pinch a bit. The colours are all awesome, specially this new range by Lakme. Since these are currently the best range of lip care in these unique colours. But when it comes to performance, I have a few reservations for sure.

The price is a soothing factor with it being priced at INR 200 for a 3.8 grams pack. The price is definitely worthy of appreciation given the quality and the brand image of Lakme. The product does carry out its performance for this price.

Tangerine On My Lips :-

lakme lip love tinted stick lip swatch tangerine

The packaging is also quite a treat with the all girly look which makes it attractive. It is   worthy of showing off in your vanity. The transparent cap and the colour identifying outside packaging as well as the lower case of the stick is very feminist as well.

If you ask me, the colour is ideal for a day time wear during those times when you just want a glossy hint of some colour on your lips. When you do not want to use any kind of dark tints on your lips making them appear bolder, you can use these and be comfortable in your own skin.

These colours are good to impart a gloss and also because they are pigmented, they are good to go with your summers.  For winters, there is a little less surety about their use as the pigmentation might not be able to tolerate the chapped nature of the lips too well.

Raspberry On My Lips:-

lakme lip love tinted sticks lip swatch rasberry

So, all in all I have a mixed opinion about the product as these are quite good at their price, perform a little better than other chapsticks or lip care products available in the market and are definitely a bout of colours you would want to keep with you. But the pigmentation might lose the battle during winters is what I doubt. Rest will unfold once the season arrives and we get to try it. Till then, a good to have product.


  1. i didnt quite like these lip balms by lakme, it did not have the feel of a balm at all. I never really found it as a lip care product. Also the product just melted away very quickly due to indian summer heat.


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