Lakme Lip Love Lipstick in Rose Kissed Review and Swatches


Lakme Lip Love


Sometimes you need an MLBB shade which would really bring out the color and texture of your lips without being too over the top. For me, Lakme lip love lipstick in Rose Kissed makes that mark. It is indeed one of the few colors which I adore and would probably faint if it ever leaves my side. That said, let us move on to the product in question today. I have been reaching for this shade recently, as the weather has started to run towards cold, not because it’s a really pretty color (which it is!) but because of the nourishment quotient this has. I love the fact that this seems to be one of the few products which truly hydrates my lips and does not go dry for a good period of time, and I feel that it is quite good in its range.

Lakme Lip Love Lipsticks

With the prices hiking like anything for lipsticks, I wanted a shade from Lakme’s lip love collection which I could wear everyday (and here, those of you who have read a lot of my reviews can go facepalm because the name is, yes, Rose Kissed) and I found this. It was a total match made in heaven. You can see the amount of love I have actually spread on this one – it’s half-finished and will be over in a month or so, if I go at this rate. It is also one of the most perfect day shades I can find.

Moisturising Lipsticks + Lakme Lip Love

  • Price: 550/-
  • Quantity: 3.5 gm.

What Lakme Has to Say about the Range:-

Introducing the new Lakmé Lip Love, an exclusive lip color developed by experts in Italy. An indulgent creamy color that is proven to smoothen, soften, protect and hydrate your lips. In 12 shades that will melt your heart. See the collagen filled luscious lips, Touch the indulgent creamy, luminous finish, feel the constant hydration with the goodness of ceramides, love the protective care of SPF 16.

Lakme Lip Love+ Rose Kissed

My Take on Lakme lip Love Lipstick Rose Kissed:-

The packaging is really cute, with the shiny red with silver heart both attractive and trendy. It is also sturdy and travel-friendly, and unlike a lot other lipsticks, the top does not come unstuck at the drop of a hat (and yes, I have had lipsticks which does that and makes a mess inside my bag!). I like the packaging also because it is really easy to find among many black and blue products, certainly much more than I like any other product in that range.

Lakme Lip Love Lipstick Rose Kissed Swatch:-

Lakme Lip Love Rose Kissed + Swatch

The lipstick itself is extremely hydrating. That said, I would have to add that I find this one of the fastest ones to get off my lips too. The average staying power of the lipstick is about 2-3 hours tops, and if I eat anything, it goes off. It does give my lip a much more voluptuous appearance (than it really is!) and has a great texture, which helps it glide on my lips easily and with one swipe I get opaque, creamy color. The color is a perfect shade of mauve-pink with subtle brown undertones (reminds me of the discontinued Avon Ultra Color Rich Renewable Lipstick Moist Mocha), which also makes it a great shade for smokey eyes or day wear. It is, however, transferable, but at the same time, intensely hydrating, so your lips really feel good after you apply it, and the color is such that virtually all skin tones will suit it. It is tasteless, and does not smell odd.

Lakme Lip Love + Rose Kissed + One Swipe

Pros:Lakme Lip Love Lipstick in Rose Kissed :-

  • Package is really fun
  • Travel-friendly
  • Really hydrating
  • Great color suited to most
  • Tasteless and mostly odorless

Cons:Lakme Lip Love Lipstick in Rose Kissed :-

  • Transferable
  • Staying power could have been better

Verdict: 4/5

Lakme Lip Love Rose Kissed On My Lips:-

Lakme Lip Love + Rose Kissed + 2 Swepes


I have been really impressed by the quality of the lipstick and I will repurchase once it gets over. For a girl who just counted about 150-odd lipsticks in her collection and swore off makeup for a while (and yes, I am hanging my head in shame here), that is indeed a big achievement.

Have you tried Lakme Lip Love Lipstick shade Rose Kissed ?

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  1. This looks soooo lovely on u pOorii!! :lipstick: This exact shade was in my list but when i swatched it at the store it turned out too daark for my taste :-((

  2. I wanted to try this range of lakme, but these are too costly for a desi brand, and after seeing ur lip swatch :lipstick: :lipstick: , my heart :heart: is pumping to try it ones. 😐 :struggle: :struggle:


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