Lakme Nine To Five Day perfect Lip Color Review , Swatches and Photos

So after doing all the Lakme Nine to five day perfect lip color range swatches and picking up Almond Ice its time to review it.As there were too many requests for the review I wore the lip shade continuously   and while writing the review also I am wearing it :D:D
Yes , Lakme has done it !!! 🙂 this Lipstick stays all day long on my lips .Even if I have my lunch it stays on me unlike Lakme enrich colour classic

Price of the lipstick is Rs 550.You can buy it from here


Lakme has mixed range and some are really dark such as crimson affair , Black current sorbet , purple haze etc and some are little toned downed such as dusk sparkle. I got Almond Ice for myself though pinks is always a priority but now I have too many pinks with me so I thought let me try some browns.

Swatches Of Lakme Nine To Five Day Perfect Lip Color:-



What I like about Lakme Nine To Five Day perfect Lip Color:-

1. This lipstick is quiet creamy and one doesn’t need to build on the color at all.I just apply it once and I am all set to go.

2. Staying power of the lipstick is great .It is almost similar to Revlon colorburst .I have my lunch and tea and still it stays on.

3.It doesn’t bleed or stains though looking at it is creamy consistency it might  bleed in summers.

4.It has a lock kind of a system and therefore once I use it and put the cover back it doesn’t open up easily.This system is particularly good for those who carry lipstick in their bag and travel around.

5. It is highly pigmented.

6. Lipsticks range is best suited for night wear because most of them have quiet a bit of shimmer in them.

What I do not like about Lakme Nine To Five Day perfect Lip Color:-


1. I feel little heavy when I wear  it and of course price of the lipstick is high when compared to other Lakme lipstick range.

2. It is little drying for me or may be I compulsory need a lip balm before applying a lipstick now.

3. In swatches the color looks different and on my lips it looks  different .Don’t know why

This is the pic  without flash

This is with flash

4. If you are looking for light shades then this range is not for you.There are no nudes and pinks as such.

5.Though I find packaging quiet regal but if I get another pair of this then I will be spending lot of time in opening the lipstick and checking out the shade.

Will I recommend to others – If you don’t like doing touch ups and are fond of dark shades and creamy lipstick then they are a good buy for sure.

Highly recommended to those women who are office going or spend long hours outside

Rating – 4/5

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  1. awww..i guess it is turning out to be a best night as welll..u gave me the sweetest compliment Poornima..

    u can choose between lakme or revlon coorburst..more or less the same for me.

  2. yeah thats is why m eyeing black current …. i mean i love dark colors for winters for sure … let me try once .. here in NBC khar the testers were not available .. so i skiped 🙁


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