Lakme Nine to Five Defining Eyeliner in Sapphire Review & Swatches


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What the company claims: A color intense formula that glides on evenly for a dramatic look that lasts all day.
I had been looking for a dark blue eye pencil that would be visible against my dark eyelids. I wanted to buy the Faces one badly, but since we do not have Faces where I live, I decided to go for an alternative. The second I laid eyes on the swatch, I knew my search was over. This range comes in other colors like Black, Jade, Purple and Slate.
Price: INR 295 for 0.35 gms

Lakme Nine to Five Defining Eyeliner in Sapphire review and swatches

The color is a dark matte blue which pops up against my dark lids and brown eyes. It is very pigmented and one swipe alone gives a beautiful color. The formula is very creamy and smooth, glides on easily and will give a nice even line. It comes in the form of a retractable pencil, which in my opinion is really hassle free and prevents product wastage. It stays on my eye-lids for a good 7-8 hours without a primer and also stays on my waterline for 4-5 hours. I do not expect any eye liner to stay on my watery waterline for long, so its staying power was a pleasant surprise. It will not wash away with water. You need to use a god cleanser to remove this.

Lakme Nine to Five Defining Eyeliner in Sapphire review and swatches

Swatches of Lakme Nine to Five Defining Eyeliner in Sapphire

Lakme Nine to Five Defining Eyeliner in Sapphire swatches

Lakme nine to five eyeliner  on my eyes

Lakme Nine to Five Defining Eyeliner in Sapphire review and swatches
What I liked about Lakme Nine To Five Defining Eyeliner

  • The color is gorgeous. It is totally matte without a single drop of shimmer in it. It would great on brown-eyed beauties. I say this from experience.
  • Very pigmented. You don’t need multiple swipes.
  • Shows up well against dark lids too.
  • Smooth texture. Will not tug eyelids. Not so smooth that it will crease or smudge.
  • Waterline safe. Does not irritate the eyes.
  • Staying power is great. Without a primer, last for about 7-8 hours on eyelids and 4-5 hours on waterline.
  • Does not smudge at all. Will start fading slightly after 6-7 hours.
  • Water-proof.


What I do not like about Lakme Nine To Five Defining Eyeliner


  • Retractable pencil would raise hygiene-related concerns for some. It does not bother me, personally.
  • Paying 300 bucks for a lakme eye pencil does not seem justified. Agreed that as a prduct its great, but it’s still Lakme!!!

Will I buy it again: Yes. Once I finish this one up, I am definitely buying this very pencil in the same shade again. I might also try the other shades.

Will I recommend this: Hell Yeah! I have already made my friends buy these in various shades!

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    • haan..i dont mind sheeling out 300 bucks..but it doesnt seems too pigmented in the fsingle swatch wala pic..but the color is soooo tepmting!!

      • no no its nt bout pricee :-/ actually i don’t use lakme.. i haven’t used any of lakme products,, cz wn i ws a child i remember my mom got bad allergies from using lakme products :pain: since i also hav sensi skin .. islie i will avoid it :smug:
        :shy: :giggle:

  1. all lakme eyeliner are pricey now UPS..forever silk eyeliner of lakme were expensive than this one alsobut the quality is getting better for sure:)

          • this was last night.. i went out.. gladly shopped.. in SPLASH there was a BOGO going on.. last day.. also lifestyle sale was last day.. so was trying out finger rings there.. picked out a verryyy pretty one.. and other stuffs and got back to my place.. only to find out 15 min before the mall closes that my GOLD ring is not there on my finger! :sweat: :hypnotized: i got sooo freaked out!! :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :pain: i called the mall.. bugged them.. and then called my friend! zoomed the bike at 115Kmph :dazed: :dazed: :sweat: bottom line- THEY FOUND IT! can u believe it! a gold ring in the mall!!
            ps- i told them where would they exactly find it ..LOL 😉 😛

            • my gaawd!! u r lucky..u should offer some prasad to the deity today 😛

              waise loosing gold is one of my habit too..i have lost gold bangle and 2-3 earnings too but sadly never got them back..ring to keep losing around and then getting it back too 😀

  2. nice shade and looks good on U 🙂 …
    But i’m always afraid using ny thing else on my waterline other than kohl:even if its waterline safe

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