Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Creme Compact (Marble) Review


Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Cream Compact (Marble) Review

By Prerana Sharma,

God has made me cry finding a perfect foundation! And with this cream compact I had a horrible experience! I was checking out the new look of the season in Lakme’s website where I found models wearing cream compact were looking so fresh, so dewy that I was tempted to buy it. You know in winters, skin become so dry! I felt in love with the dewy makeup of Lakme model Amrit and grabbed this cream compact next day..

Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Cream Compact

Two disasters happened with me. First, I took marble shade thinking this is close to my skin tone but it wasn’t! Second, the name “compact” confused me! The SA fooled me by saying it can be used both as a foundation (when applied with a wet sponge) as well as a compact when applied as a dry one coz this gives cream-to-“powder” finish! It was a new launch at that time and I thought it may be a better version of Radiance “Compact” so I took it but I wasted my money L…

What Lakme nine to five cream compact claims

A crème-to-powder finish formula make-up compact that glides on silky smooth and blends effortlessly for an impeccable finished look that lasts the entire day.

Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Cream Compact


It has 2 separate compartments, for the foundation and lower compartment for sponge

How to apply Lakme nine to five flawless cream compact –

  1. Pick the product with your fingers, keep applying and blending it.
  2. Then damp the sponge and move it lightly all over your face just to make foundation layer even.
  3. In winters, the creamy texture somewhat freezes. For that u will have to blow dry the foundation for a few seconds to melt it lightly. Then wet the sponge and sweep required amount of foundation. Blend the make-up sponge in a downward direction.

Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Cream Compact

Available Shades 4 shades, namely – Pearl, marble, Shell and Coral.

Price - (for 9gms) Rs 375 or 395 something (Not sure coz I bought it almost an year back and I have thrown the outer carton)

My Experience with it

When we bring home something, we are always very excited to use that product as soon as possible! So next weekend when I was going for some shopping I applied this and set it with a loose powder. It was a hot humid weather of Delhi that time, temperature outside was about 42 degrees! So I thought this being waterproof / sweat proof and giving powder finish won’t make me look oily and will stay long (9am to 5pm) as it claims. When I applied it, I felt nice and flawless..The foundation glides on smoothly with the sponge provided.

After I reaches my shopping place, I just went to the washroom to apply a little compact on my oily nose and to my horror I saw, foundation melting and tricking down my cheeks with the oil of my face!! I just wiped it out with tissue and managed the situation with my compact!

What does it means? It doesn’t stay 9to5 as it says! It is not sweet-proof! All in one, it is not a summer product.

Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Cream Compact

Just to show the difference of bare skin and made up skin I have applied it above wrist.

Actually I hate this product but I have to be honest in general and hence write its positive points:

Good things of Lakme nine to five cream compact

  1. This compact comes with a wonderful sponge which does its job very well.
  2. Its packaging is very nice, travel friendly and non messy.
  3. It gives a wonderful matte finish.
  4. It can cover spots&blemishes if you apply it heavily.
  5. It is water proof (but not sweet proof, lol..)


Bad Things of it –

  1. Doesn’t stay for nine to five!
  2. They says it is cream “compact”. No, its just a foundation, not a compact.
  3. Claims to give powder finish but it has cream texture.
  4. Choosing of the shade is difficult. I normally use marble in “radiance Compact” which matches my skin color. But this one in marble gave an “one shade lighter” finish to my skin.

Will I repurchase it

No, I have found other foundations of Lakme better than this, like Invisible foundation and Perfect Radiance foundation, so why repurchase it?

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      • Yeah I agree 🙂 Thanks for the reco 🙂 You know I wasn’t much of a powder person. But now I like it soo much! 😀

      • hey Anu, i too brought home lakme ka radiance compact after the maybelline Vs lakme compact ka comparison, it worked for me too 😀
        Heading for P.radiance foundation now, hope i get my shade…but i heard its little illuminating ?:-) ?:-) do u mix it with other foundation & then use ?:-)

          • thought a lot, but really couldn’t recollect from where i read it!! actually i read lota stuffs in net na…..well, thanks for informing that P.radiance is matte….i love matte skin…..(no wonders, oily girls loves to stay matte) 😉

  1. Thank you Prerana. This was launched a long time back, nor after launching the perfect radiance, but when they first launched their 9to5 range. Actually the compact doesnt mean compact. but the form a com[act form which should be easy to carry around. Too bad it didn’t live upto its claim.
    @ Both Prerana and Anamika: How is the Perfect Radiance working in summer?

  2. Mine is almost complete but i recently used the left over in Andaman and it was going well:)

    u know Nivedita u can write thesis on products too 😀
    u r so detailed:)

  3. hahahaha. Same here. I actually try to keep a track of the products I buy and since Lakme has been my brand since I was a kid, its a different kind of sentiment. 😛 a love-hate relation

  4. I agree with the review ..infact I had done the same review …about to send to A ..:) …gr8 review …Though I have re-purchased this one few times but now am getting bored of it..never tried the radiant …should try now 🙂

  5. Prerana, I had this & the SA told me this works as a foundation & compact but she didn’t say I had to use wet sponge. But at that time I loved it bcoz the photos used to come out very pretty when I used it, I mean it hides blemishes & spots. But I didn’t know about blow drying it in winters ?:-) .
    Can you believe I threw it away coz I thought it got hard & ruined & will not be usable. :silly:
    I completely agree with you about this compact
    err now I realised after reading Nivedita’s comment what it meant “COMPACT” :silly:

  6. LOL Kaam wali ko de sakti thi lekin darrgayi ke agar usko kuch reaction ya allergy hogayi toh kaam par aana bandh kardegi aur dosri ko doondhna mushkil hojayega :laugh:

    • ohh kaam wali keep asking me ..didi what is this and what is that..can i take this can i take that.. i will give the same thing to her..reaction ho jayega .thanks for a gr8 tip 😀

  7. I tried this 3 years ago I think … gave me a horrible experience that it took two more years for me to think of buying any other ‘cosmetics’ after that.

  8. I think this is similar to Colorbar’s Triple Core compact nai?? i am using that..thought i will try this next…mm…may be i will..i dont sweat so might give it a shot…thanks for warning us on the shade…

  9. Oh this is not good? i have heard many good things about this thing before 😕 😕
    you are the first person saying negative abt it prerana… but i better stay away from it than taking risk with my money :-)) :-))

  10. this is similar to colorbar ka triple compact, it worked for me during winters, though i dint love it, but nor did i hate it….but it made skin oily

  11. I purchased it at the time of my wedding, 2yrs bck. The product disappointd me compltly! 🙁 I still have it, twice used..and It will be preserved as a mistake of tearing my money into pieces. Huh. 🙁


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