Lakme Nine To Five Kohl Ultimate Photos & Swatches


Lakme Nine to five is one of the most popular range of Lakme.Be it Lakme Nine to five forever silk eyeliner or  Lakme nine to five defining eyeliner we all have tried something or the other from this range.


This is what Lakme has to say about Lakme Nine to five kohl ultimate range

You can’t rely on the weather or the traffic, but what you can rely on is the eye make-up range from Lakmé nine to five which promises to keep you looking fresh through the day! Nine to Five adds to its range Forever Silk Eyeliner and Kohl Ultimate. The smudge-proof, water-resistant formula ensures a long-lasting finish.
Forever Silk Eyeliner comes in scintillating metallic shades and the soft formula glides on effortlessly. One neat stroke and you are set for the day!

The Kohl Ultimate is a kohl, smudger and sharpener all in one stick. You can create the smoky look with ease by using the smudge tip to smudge the kohl line outwards!

Lakme Nine to five Kohl ultimate pencil photos and swatches


Lakme Kohl Ultimate –

  •  3-in-1 smooth kohl stick with smudger and sharpenener
  •  Moisturizing ceramides will smooth and soften the eye skin
  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant
  • Ensures 8 hours of great looking eyes
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Priced at Rs.650/-
  •  Available at all leading lifestyle stores

Lakme Kohl

 Swatches of Lakme Nine to Five Kohl Ultimate


It’s very dark and creamy and easy to play with if you are looking for smokey eyes

Lakme nine to five kohl ultimate swatches  makeup blog



Lakme kohl swatches Lakme kohl ultimate swatches Lakme nine to five kohl


Have you tried Lakme Nine to five Kohl ultimate?

Note- I have just swatched the product here

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  1. I prefer using the normal Lakme kohl but since it smudges i just go over it with the 9 to 5 black eye pencil to prevent it from smudging.. Is this product really worth 650 bucks? There must be a reason as to why they are charging so high for this product! ?:-)

  2. i bought this last week when my lame forever silk khol got over.
    if i compare both I would give more marks to lakme forever silk because of its silky texture and long lasting nature. it doesnt smudge would last if u splash ur face with water too..
    but only bad point is it stings a bit on my waterline.
    but the ultimate khol by lakme doesnt last too long . and it smudges if applied on waterline.
    but it doesnt sting at all.
    for that reason I love it.
    so what I have concluded based on my experience is I would buy lakme forver silk for my upper eye and lakme absolute khol for my waterline.
    bcoz it doesnt sting at all!!!

      • Zara U could try forever silk at the lakme counter just go around and see whether it stings .
        it stings my waterline may be because I have the most sensitive eyes.
        I would say if forver silk doesnt sting ur waterline then U r one among the luckiest person.
        bcoz the colour pay off is too good and lasting power too..

        • naaa..wo sample wala i never use onthe it is my eyes and skin r super sensi…dont wana risk an infection…lekin if it stings sensi eyes then hands down it will sting mine.. 🙁 wot a loss..

          • U tr true !!!I use to carry a tisue paper and just wipe the khol and apply the testers.
            or sometimes if i forgot to carry tissues, I just simply demand a cotton wool from them and just wipe it and apply straight .
            but u r correct it s risky..
            butplease ask others too whether it stings their eyes..
            for me I cant even stand the cooling sensation some khol gives after applying !!!
            it makes me feel sleepy he he
            but u can line it near lash line ..

            • haha..i luv the cooling sensation when its mild..and ur right, it does make me so relaxed n sleepy..feel like dozing off after applying 🙂

      • but this lakme absolute khol is too big.
        and I need to sharpen it . today mormning I was so busy and I tried sharpening it.
        but it did nt come out properly.
        forever silk was so easy I just use to twist it line (that too without looking a mirror) and go!!
        I would buy a new one only once my lakme absolute just reaches it half size.
        somehow I have a habit of buying things only once the new ones get over atleast half.
        so thats why I have only very few lippies.
        ya I bought a two lippies this time
        lakme alphrodite blush and maybelline autumn rush .
        liking both !!!

        • wow! i seriously admire this thing of yours..i can never control myself and end up spulrging so much even though i have so many things ghar par..shud learn somethin from u..

          i agree..retractable pencils r so much better..i hate sharpening and then cleaning the sharpner n all..irritating

          ive heard so much bout autumn rush..must be super pretty na?

          • thank you…
            bcoz i keep a track of my bank account and expenditure always ‘
            so I just speak to myself when such temptations come..
            by the way autumn rush is too lovely colour and alphrodite blush doesnt have that yuck smell of lakme lippies and texture is silk like.
            I love both..

  3. Lol.. Good question.. I use a lot of brands.. The Maybelline Colossal Kohl, Lakme, some Lakme 9 to 5 ones if i want to line my waterline with someother color other than black and Avon.. Ive tried Himalaya.. I just bought the Elle 18 one after reading good reviews about the Kohl.. And i want to try Lotus.. :dance-leftright: I’m obsessed with kohls basically 🙂

    • U r truly Khol girl deepika !!!
      but somehow I did nt like maybelline colossal kajal..
      and avon is not easily available at my place
      used lotus before but it is not that creamy like lakme khols..
      i had used revlon eye pencil long back . it was too good and did nt irritate and safe to use for contact lens wearers too..
      how is himalaya ?

    • so many?!?! wowieeee!! ur drawer must be a full bhandaar of kohls..hehe..I have used the lotus one and it smudges like crazy…it makes my dark circles stand out like a beacon!

      • No zara my stash is empty
        bcoz I buy each of these pencils once and only when it gets over.
        u r true lotus one smudges but it doesnt sting..
        also have u tried faces kajal.
        that was recomended by mithra.
        i simply love it bcoz it is waterline safe.
        but it smudges a lot ..

        • naa..i dont have faces…but m planning t get it on Mitras recco..the last time there was a sale i got confused coz there were multiple black liner and i dint kno which t pick..

          which one do u use from faces?

          • I just use faces black kajal. bcoz lakme forver silk used to sting my eyes. so i was looking out for a waterline safe liner . so got it based on mitras recco.
            but the kajal smudges very badly. but it doesnt stings my eyes at all.
            i love faces.
            i hope all kajals do smudge.
            so may be i should try faces eye pencil
            what say ?

    • I also use diff times i used colored eye pencils on my waterline too, but my most preferred is the Oriflame kajal..its nice, dark and doesnt smudge…hav u tried it?

  4. Ana.. was looking at this pdt yest and wondering if it was worth buying!!! You read my mind… see we are made for eachother 😛 😛
    Thanks for the review… i shall stay away from this!!
    Btw girl I checked you tube videos… there was nothing on applying kohl to the lower lashline 🙁 😥

  5. I havent tried the Oriflame one.. should try that one too 🙂 himalaya is pigmented.. no doubt but smudges like crazy.. So from your reviews on the lotus one i dont think ill buy it.. will give it a miss and focus my eyes on the oriflame one.. :clap-n-jump:

    • Haan…Lotus one is not quite worth it at all…and it dried pretty quick which is another downer..hows the avon one? i remember there were those tiny colored kohls and i wanted them so much but as usual no rep..hehe..

  6. The tiny colored ones from the simply pretty collection can be used as a eyeliner more than a kohl.. somehow for me atleast it just doesnt stay on the waterline.. And anyway they’ve revamped their simply pretty collection with improved formula so im hoping they have a good kohl in that.. There is another Avon Kohl which was on offer 2 for 99 which was darn cheap so i bought it to experiment and i must say it is very well pigmented and staying power is good.. And as usual i just swipe my 9 to 5 pencil for it to last longer 🙂 Another kohl pencil with a smudger from Avon got me a lot of great reviews from my customers but Im yet to try out that one..

    • aisa kya? i dint kno that…in that case gud i dint get it 🙂 🙂 i want their jumbo pencils so much fun they’ll be..

      btw Deepika, i called the number u shared..they give 2 options or either ordering or becoming an avon rep. but no option to find a rep..any idea on wot to do? and also…if i want t be a rep is it easy peasy or a complicated deal?

  7. It is super easy to become a rep.. Initially i started ordering only for myself and then now my family and friends.. And you get a lot of free products to try and test in the process.. There is absolutely no pressure on you.. If you still want to look out for a rep ill help you out with that.. And you get discounts being a rep..

    • hmm..i actually thinking of becoming a rep..if u dont mind cud u temme the process? can the registration be done from home or does it require for me to go to their office? ur rught, it does seem like a gud targets nothing…and discounts too! wot more cud a gal ask for right? 😉

  8. A friend of mine is in Avon.. So she got me a form which i filled up, attached a copy of my PAN card and i think ration card and 2 photos.. You can go to the avon office with these three things and become a rep. Since Im in the process of becoming an Avon leader i also asked them if you could be a rep under me but unfortunately reps who i recruit need to be from Chennai 🙁 So head to the Avon office asap!! 🙂

  9. zara i hv been using it for d pst 1 yr n it really nice…nicely pigmented, in a.c environment it stays for 6-7 hrs on me without smudging..but outside it stays only for 3-4 doesn’t smudge like lakme crayon or even revlon pencil for da matter. it just gets collected at d inner corner..i like it ..its really gud….price: rs 150


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