Lakme Perfect Radiance Four Week Intense Whitening Capsules Review


Hello Angels,

I guess most of you would be waiting desperately for a very good review on LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE 4-WEEK INTENSE WHITENING CAPSULES. I can totally feel u u guys must be in two minds whether to buy or not to buy this capsules? Whether its worth spending Rs. 1250 on them? Whether they actually work? Is it a moderate product or a very good product to have?? HOLD HOLD HOLD.. All your questions will be answered today.. So fasten your seatbelts.. sit back..Relax and take a cup of coffee, tea or milkshake ..whatever is your favourite and enjoy my review 😛 I have been using this for quite a long time now and didn’t want to take a hasty decision of writing this ASAP as its quite a pricey product and comes from a prestige company like “LAKME” hence I took my own sweet time and its time to bear the fruits 😛

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Lakme Perfect Radiance 4 Week Intense Whitening Capsules Review+ Lakme capsules

About Lakme Perfect Radiance 4-week intense whitening capsules treatment-

  • Price – Rs.1250 for 28 capsules x 0.33gm

Lakme Perfect Radiance 4 Week Intense Whitening Capsules Review+ capsules

The packaging is very classy, sturdy, unique and stylish.  It actually gave me a feel of brands like Clinique,loccitaine etc and I can now confidently say that Lakme is in sync with niche brands and niche markets.

 The capsule is made up of a very thin plastic material which stretches like a soft rubber band. They are very fragile kinda and hence after getting the capsules out of the jar one should immediately open it and use it and should not keep it anywhere, chances are that they might get crushed easily and the product might spill out.

 Now comes the opening ceremony lolzz I mean the opening of the capsule in order to get the cream out. I really enjoy this part as its real fun twisting the neck of the capsule which makes the cream pour out. As u can see the cream is yellowish in color and there is a very little quantity in there.

Lakme Perfect Radiance 4 Week Intense Whitening Capsules Review+ LAKME whitening capsules

My Experience with Lakme Perfect Radiance 4-week intense whitening capsules treatment-

I’ll step by step pen down my viewpoints based on the claims by Lakme, so that you will get a detailed idea of the product and its uses.

  1. Dark spots – Well, Yes! I can tell you that it has helped in clearing/disappearing my dark spots to an extent with the continuous use. Earlier they were prominent now its kinda negligible. 😀
  2. Acne spots/blemishes – OMG! Good news they do help in clearing blemishes, I can really give a BIG yes to this because acne scars are my most latest facial issue than the acne. ( yes a little update here, I am finally ACNE FREE ..Thank god 😀 :P)
  3. Uneven skintone – It has a done a very good job in improving my overall facial skintone and I can feel it with the immediate application. The skin looks clear and bright too.
  4. Oiliness – I am a combination skintype and this cream is more like a mattifier. On the application itself its soo smooth and soft and there are no traces of oiliness in this cream hence as soon as I apply this I feel my skin is soft and smooth and bright without any OIL on my face. So *HATS OFF* to that coz very few cream’s I know do that to me…
  5. Tanning – I really don’t know if it helps in tan removal because I use it before going to bed at night and my complexion is more or less the same and there is no whitening effect or any kind of difference really.
  6. Dullness – No dullness Only brightness! :-D  Well, I love having it on my skin, coz this is like lifts the mood and spirits of my skin which leads to brightened complexion even on the most gloomy day.

Lakme Perfect Radiance 4 Week Intense Whitening Capsules Review+ perfect radiance capsules

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Apart from the above 6 points, I will like to add that this cream is like a dream on your face. You will love the buttery soft texture of the cream which immediately disappears on the application. There is no suspected fragrance as such, how I wish it would have been scented coz I like mild scented fragrances. Talking about the lightening or whitening part, this bottle has 28 capsules which if you might think is good enough to make you light or white. No not even temporary whiteness or lightness, I feel my skin-color is the same. No major difference really. It has helped in improving the overall texture and add brightness to your dull complexion. But the whitening/lightening part is a huge disappointment.  As I feel many of us would want it to work in that department based on the price it comes.

What I like about Lakme Perfect Radiance 4-week intense whitening capsules treatment :-

  • Love the buttery soft texture of the cream
  • Makes a great mattifier
  • Helps in clearing dark spots/blemishes
  • Brightens face very well.
  • Improves overall skin texture and tone
  • Makes a good night cream
  • Didn’t break me out
  • Attractive packaging
  • Like the capsule idea

Lakme Perfect Radiance 4 Week Intense Whitening Capsules Review+ skin whitening

What I did not like about Lakme Perfect Radiance 4-week intense whitening capsules treatment :-

  • Doesn’t lighten the skin or whiten the skin
  • I think its on the pricier side
  • Not sure if it helps in removal of tan
  • The formula can be improved for the fairness treatment

Will I recommend this –

Yup I will surely, I think it’s a good product which might not work great in the whitening /lightening department but fairs well in improvisation of overall skin texture and other skin troubles.

Rating – 4/5

Have you tried  Lakme Perfect Radiance 4-week intense whitening capsules treatment

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    • yes Pree.. its helped in improving the overall complexion and my acne scars were very prominent before but now they r quite less! :-))

  1. grt buy ric..these days i am using loreal luminize serum which has all the benefits that u mentioned above along with lovely pearlscent texture and fragrance…will surely check this out.!!!!!

  2. A bid costly and also i never like lakme for Skin care…But it may suits to some others….
    Really nice review i am expecting a product like this from herbal based 🙂

    • absolutely hai… its very mild on skin… lagate hi udan chu hojaata hai.. its a serum actually which will suit all skin… :-)) :-))

  3. ohh sounds like an amazing product 🙂 and i never trust any product for fairness claims, but over all how it improves the skin, may be worth a try for sure

      • then this will be a best buy for those looking for a brightening treatment and an over all improvement for the skin texture,, aww may be i should get it asap 😀 :-(( i will go kangaal very soon 😛

  4. nice to know that it works.. as of nw i m completely happy wit olay.. but wl give this a try sometime.. good review erica.. :yes:

  5. nice review erica.. if its helping to remove dark spots then am buying it for sure.. do u think this will fade the pigmentation near the mout region erica??

  6. ii alwayssssss wanted a honest review on dis one..luv u for doing dis detailed review. :-* :hug-makeup: .will give dis a shot 😀

    • yes Khadeejah..night was the right time to use it..coz i used to be at work wit whole day make up so no time to put in day time

    • yes it really mattifies yaa.. its a serum naa toh disappears on the skin without leaving it oily.. i love the texture of this serum ..silkyyyyyyy :heart: 😀

  7. Erica, it was a great review….please suggest whether the night cream of this range will be as effective, especially for oily skin?

    • I havent tried it.. Priyanka! So cant comment on how effective it is.. but i know this range of lakme is good for oily skin… the serum is not sticky at all..

  8. Will you please tell me whether I should use it if its serum has a slight brown colour along with yellow.i just want to make sure it can be used nevertheless.answer me please, thanx.


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