Lakme Perfect Radiance vs Maybelline Wonder Finish Makeup Foundation


Maybelline Wonder Finish Makeup Foundation vs Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

Both Lakme Perfect Radiance And Maybelline Wonder Finish Makeup Foundation have been preferred by many of usร‚ย  and both are different in their own way.I have been using them ร‚ย  since two months so thought of comparing them today ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Lakme And Maybelline Foundation

Price –

Price Of Lakme Perfect Radiance is Rs 450 for 25ml

Price Of Maybelline Wonder Finish Makeup foundation – Rs359 for 30ml

Coverage – Lakme perfect radiance is thicker and gives a better coverage when compared to wonder finish but it requires a good amount of blending. Maybelline foundation is little thicker than water but because of this very reason it is easy to blend it.I prefer it when ever I am in hurry and wants to give dewy look to myself.Lakme is preferred more when I am looking for a heavy coverages and want to conceal my blemishes.It goes really well with Lakme perfect radiance compact and gives me the perfect coverage .It doesn’t cake much too.

Maybelline foundationร‚ย  givesร‚ย ร‚ย  dewy look where as Lakme more of matte. I sometime did experience dry patches with maybelline because it transfer itself into powder form when dried.

Packaging – Both have sturdy packaging but problem with lakme one is the thickness of the foundation.Bottle just have 25ml of the ingredient and when one half of the product have been used it becomes difficult to take out the rest of the product . I now take it out with the wand which has been provided in it but still I find it aร‚ย  trouble some activity.

Both of them are easy to carry while traveling .

If used regularly Lakme perfect radiance will lasts for 2 months where as Maybelline will go easily for 3 months or more.

Break out – Both products didn’t break me out and I will prefer using wonder finish this summer season during the dayร‚ย  when I don like to top myself up with heavy coverages.

SPF – Lakme perfect radiance has SPF 11 where as Maybelline hasร‚ย  SPF15

Longevity – Lakme stays for 4-5 hours easily on me where as Maybelline little less than lakme.

I like both of them but prefer Maybelline when in hurryร‚ย  where as like using Lakme one when attending night party or I require heavy coverage.

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    Oh hann forgot to add…i liked the Lakme 9-5 Intense liner in brown that i got another one in Smokey grey…it has the best brush ever…evry easy to use…planning to get the black and green one also next month :chic:

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  9. Bhumika both are totally different..Ponds tinted moisturizer is much thicker and gives more coverage where as maybelline one is as light as water..and biggest difference is that Ponds TM is a tinted moisturizer where as Maybelliner wonder finish is a foundation which transform itself into powder form..

    hope this helps:)

  10. Hi.
    I have a dry skin. Medium tone. Yellow undertone. Can you suggest a moisturising foundation which i can use daily. And which doesn’t seem too much.
    Thank you.

    • Yes, you can definitely try Maybelline Fit me one! It won’t dry up. The Lakme Perfect Radiance one works well too. Choose your shade accordingly.

  11. Hi… My marriage is on August 12 th.. Could you please suggest which foundation should I go for.. My face type is oily skin..


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