Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher Rose Crush Review , Price and Photos


Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher Rose Crush

Hey Everyone!!! How is Sunday going ?? Mine has been rocking till now. Did lots of makeup , went for  go karting (will share the pics in a while) and and some yummy food.

Lets come straight to the review. Lakme pure rouge blush is something which I bought because if it colour though I never thought it will be good but it certainly didn’t disappoint me.

I have rose crush with me and for swatches of other Lakme rouge blush you can click here.

Price of Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher is Rs 300 aprox. for 6gms

What the product claims –

A pure pressed powder blusher provides sheer and light weight application.Color builds lightly layer after layer without heavy coverage, Enhances cheekbones with a luminous silky matte finish.

Crushed rose is a powder blush which  has a raspberry rose colour look , gives a matte finish  and is nicely pigmented. Will look good on medium to brown skin tone as well as lighter skin tone.

Swatches of Lakme pure rouge blusher rose crush

My experience with Lakme pure rouge blush:-
1.A nicely pigmented blush which is decently priced and stays for 5-6 hours easily on my face. It doesn’t break me out and makes one look fresh.
2. Comes with a small soft bristles brush which makes it travel friendly.
3. Doesn’t break me out and 6gm of quantity is pretty good.
4. Available in many shimmery and matte colours.
5.Doesn’t make my skin  feel dry.
This is how it looks on me
By the way I don’t use any photo shopping or some other camera technique. Blush exactly looks the same  what you can see on my face.

a little closer look here

Some dislikes:-

1. It doesn’t come with a inbuilt mirror
2. No mention of the ingredients.

Will I recommend it to the others

Yes if you are fond of Lakme products then do go ahead .It is some what similar to colorbar blushes but more pigmented and stays much longer.

Wise She Rating – 4/5

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  1. yes my eyes got red because i just had bath…it happens to me when ever i wash my hair.u have got real good eyes bhumika..i m surprised ..

  2. Whats with you girllll….u looking beautiful and younger and prettier by the day??? i thot u started Wise She to share those very secrets….now i know u are not being totally honest….mmm.humph

  3. I did a mini shopping today…picked up my biotique Almond Oil cleanser (realised today that it has only 3% Almond oil in it…!!! it has more of Sesame oill-37.49% and Soy Oil-15%, Arandi Oil-27%)….lol….can you please do a Wiseshe Dictionary of various oils and their uses for different skins types…i'm really worried abt this Arandi thing now…bought Maybelline lipbalm in Mandarin this time (already have Dolly something) no not Bindra… 🙂

    Got Rogan Badam Shirin and VLCC- Tea Tree acne spot gel…2 boxes of facial tissues….thats it…

  4. ok i wil try..arandi is a nice oil…

    yaa better not to have bindrain life….but i m goonna mis big boss:( ab kya dekhu :D:D

    rogan badam shirin is nice and facial 🙂

  5. honest and pretty honest it is just that i sticks to things patiently :D:D

    and i think i alway slook the same in all my pic s:D


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