Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher Swatches, Price And Photos

Hello every one!!!
How you all doing?I went for major shopping yesterday and got lot of stuff for myself.Will share with you guys soon.There is nothing new in Lakme beside Lip Love Lipstick and Lakme Nine To Five Day perfect Lip Color Lipstick.Maybelline colorsensation range is still hot favourite and Maybelline lip smooth refreshing tinted lip balm is the last new thing which they introduced.I had all the latest thing in my collection so bought Lakme Powder Blushes .These are five powder blushes in Lakme they had three with them.

LakmePure Rouge Blusher -Ginger Surprise

Lakme Rouge Blusher

Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher – Honey Bunch

Lakme Pure rouge blusher honey bunch

Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher -Rose Crush

Lakme Pure rouge blusher rose crush

Swatches – Lakme Honey Bunch  and Ginger Surprise

*Honey Bunch is more of a bronzer where as Ginger surprise is is mix of light brown and pink*Both honey bunch and ginger surprise have slight golden shimmer in it

Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher – Rose Crush  swatches

 It is a  Rosy pink shade with no shimmer and will give a matte look
Lakme Pure rouge blusher swatches
I got rose crush for my self and enjoying it today  
Have you tried Lakme Pure Rouge Blushes?


  1. wow rose crush is really pretty but a little shimmer would have make it prettier (for me).
    hey BTW, i am still waiting for ur lipbalm pic post…..=/

  2. rose crush is good to be used when u rin office..and it will suit u if u are dusky …i will show uhow it looks on me later..

    haan i will just do your lip tint post..

    and where were u in the morning..were u waiting for the snow to melt.. i mean it is equally cold in delhi na..:D:D

  3. i'm a no shimmer girl in blushers! so my choice will be rosy pink. i wish lakme would have offered a no shimmer peach color. I Love peaches…..

  4. Looks soo good. I am yet to try out these blushes. Trying to finish my present stock. Nice haul then. Why not post a complete picture of the purchases? I could ogle at them :p:p<3<3

  5. In the morning?? ya i was here only…. trying to get my fingers back into senses after travelling from home to work ^_^
    its hellishly, freakingly chilly here…

  6. rightly said..mam have u tried this and have u tried i actually look into everything which they have..

  7. i liked the subtle hint of tthe colour….doesnot look OTT….like i said i'm not much of a blush person and this is my first attempt at using a blush….i had only once used Lakme's lip and cheek tint on my bday…bold attempt but i was good at blending it proprly…so it looked good….


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