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Nidhi asks,

There is lot of promotion done by Lakme salons nowadays . I want some genuine feedback and idea of their salon price list. Don’t want to act like a stupid after knowing their salon prices. Is there any one who can share Lakme salon price list ? Also read  List Of Lakme Beauty Salons

lakme salon prices

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  1. Am not sure of the prices now but I’m not too happy with their Salon experience. Hygiene is low and service is not that great. I though this was exclusive to the salon near my place but after hunting for reviews online i found that ppl across the country were complaining of the same. But this was a few years back and I never dared to go to a Lakme salon again esp since I heard many bad reviews from known friends too. But again, not sure if things have changed now. U may want to ask a few ppl who’ve actually been there 🙂

  2. Lakme is overpriced and the service is worst! Nafisa has mentioned all the points above. they are true! Even the service staff is bad there. They woun’t listen to you at all! Even Enrich is far better than that.

  3. Nidhi, I follow a simple thumb rule. Never involve any general salon for speciality services. They are jack of all and master of none. Salon prices may be cheaper but quality has to be compromised.
    If you need speciality services like make-up go to a make artist only. If you need best nail art, go to a nail bar/ or nail spa only.

    • You’re SO right, it happened with one of my friends too. She was already dark and they made her Black… gosh! With some chamki makeup. I can do way better than them. Their bridal packages suck big time.

  4. ummm i found their price list on a deal page although the deal had expired.
    I had mixed kind of experience with their services i hav been there for cleanup twice … while removing blackhead the girl pinched my face so hard.. it left 2-3 scars :O .. but they got settled in 3-4 days.. || try at your own risk

  5. Lakme definitely has better skin products than other salons . One of their must try facial is – vit C which is great for oily skin and acne prone skin . Makeup is below average even though they claim to have best makeup range and techniques in town . For other services be prepared for disappointments ; not only is it over priced but the service is definitely not at par other salons .

  6. I personally find Lakme Salons not worth the hype and price at all. Nothing that a local parlor cannot do. But the experience with Lakme Studios are different I must say as these are not franchises and are operated by Lakme directly.

  7. I dont prefer lakme salon, i tried thrice, i just thght v cant judge by once, prices are high and services are low, so many of my friends had only 1 complaint apart from all these, the products thy use had looottttt of chemicals, which are giving negative results than positive..i almost stopped using there products except glosses

  8. umm I personally don’t have experience with lakme people but have heard a lot through my girlfriends and unfortunately it was nothing good and they SUCK at makeup :sick: I have seen tat through my very own eyes how they turn beautiful girls into ghastly looking witches :rotfl:

  9. I used to frequent the salon in Noida atta markets donkeys’ years before. but only for a haircut. They were cheaper than VLCC and did a good job.
    From 2009 to 2012, I went to the Lakme Salon in T Nagar Chennai for waxing, facials, hair cuts, manicures and pedicures. The thing with most services is that a lot depends on the person performing them. I was quite satisfied with my experience. As for the price range, it was comparable to other branded salons in the city such as Naturals etc. AGain, cheaper than VLCC.

  10. Oh ! I find the services quite mediocre and mostly the experience is based on the salon expert you get appointed to! I personally dont prefer them. I havent visited them for sometime now. I wouldnt say bad but very average and nothing exceptional for the amt charged!!! 🙂

  11. is it true.. they turned d brides look into ghastly appearance…im confused bcoz im thnkng of approachng thm 4 my bridal after going through d commnts abve i thnk i shud chnge my mind…will vlcc b gud 4 bridal makeup services..i mean only 4 post bridal makeup..suggest me pls..

  12. I had gone to the lakme salon for a hair cut. there was a discount of 50% for whoever votes so i thought lets try it! i was really really impressed with everything. i went there with the thought that since its a discount im not going to get the same service as normal but i was proved wrong. they gave me a service better than my tried and true trusted hair dresser at my local salon. after the normal hair wash i got a really relaxing head massage that was amazing, all the staff even those who werent working on me were so courteous and seemed good. I would rate the place 5/5 for hygiene (atleast the one i went) my hair was really happy with the treatment it was getting so I will definitely try it out again! maybe not for haircut though because the only drawback and probably the major one is that they cut off a lot of my hair leaving it quite thin and my hair takes a lot of time to grow back. in that matter i’d rather go to my old hairdresser as she is well aware about my hair maybe even more than me!

  13. I went yesterday in nodia sector 18 lakme salon..and the lady who did my facial did everthing good,,adding back massage was overall it was good exp., xcept their charges, they charged for insta hydrating facial for 1400.if it could have been for 1000 then they might face increament in their customers.Oh yeah!!! that lady was very hygenic

  14. I visited Lakme Saloon at RT Nagar for a permanent hair straightening. However this was not the first time I was I previously used their hair straightening service for 3 times with the beautician named Zahid. He was an awesome talented person done his job perfectly. Then I moved to UK , however I wanted to get my hair straightening done only by Lakme , I waited 2 long years and revisited salon. This time the beautician was changed, new beautician’s name was IMRAN . Before they start the straightening process I asked whether he is experienced in strightening, the manager confirmed that they do lots of straightening and they did not get any complaints untill then.In the whole process of straightening he was careless, used old iron which was not working properly, he did not even wash the chemical correctly. The reslult is I ended up with rough hair which looked like raw noodles. But for that day he used hair dryer and some how made it look stright. manager asked me whether it was ok, I told ok even thought I had doubt i thought it would be alright after wash. After first wash it was a complete crap.till now hair is so rough and dry. I regret going there. If you want to do a hair straightening please go to some other lakme saloons in bangalore I think jayanagar is always reliable one. If you have to go to RTNagar saloon only please confirm beautician name is not Imran.

  15. I visited lakme salon at Naraina.. The staff was really good.. Whwnever i go for a hair treatment or skin treatment they recommend me products which have actually worked on me.. Before lakme i was probably a mess.. It actually depents on the stylists qho work on you.. Like in naraina the beautician was mediocre but when i shifted to noida.. Sector 18 beauticians were much much better.. The hygene is actually good.. Some services are over priced though.. But still cheaper than Looks salon..

  16. Hey There!!!
    I am getting married in dec, and I was planning to book lakme for my bridal package; since they are the only one who would give a pre-bridal trial make up n hair do test. Also would come to the venue for the occasions, for getting it done. But now after reading all these comments I am kinda skeptical about my choice. Does anybody have any experience of lakme salon at Ahmedabad located at satellite road? could anybody suggest a better option if not lakme providing on location service n a pretrial at ahmedabad city?

    • Hello NPatel !!! I am getting married in feb, and m planning to get the booking for my bridal makeup at the same branch of Lakme salon as you mentioned. Did you go ahead with your bridal package there??? If yes, how ws your experience?? n wt abt the prices??? If not Lakme, can you tell me where else did you get your bridal package??? I am looking for similar preference as you. As in same area and with pretrial option available. Help will be appreciated… Thnx 🙂

  17. Lakme really over cost. I just do a U cut of my hair. Already my hair was short . They prized for Rs500 and tax Rs70. Really waste of money. Really I won’t go to saloon here after.

  18. I hadbridal package tat was pretty awesome everything was customized acc to ma skin n hair needs n my bridal makeup was flawless evem today anyone in my family n frens wanna get makeup done call e up to ask who had done my makeup as it was perfect…on da other hand another fren had a horrible makeup blunder on her weddin n wen i asked her she replied she never turned up for trial makeup nor did ahe bother communicatin wid da girl on how she wants to luk….so i think makeup n service depends on hw much vocal v r n hw v r communicatin

  19. I am looking forward to get my make up, hair do and saree draping done for sis in laws’s marriage at Lakme salon, Jayanagar 3rd block as the marriage hall is in jayanagar 2nd block. If anyone have been there for the same service, please let me know your experience.

  20. Lakme salons has thieves beware post a golden locket at koregaon park salon …i had gone for a prebridal..and the staff instead of helping me questioned me n made made wait saying they would show the fottage but never showed……i think everyone was inbolved in the theft

  21. Very worst experience in lakme…they are just money minded, treat my hairs and i got negative results. I m very disappointed with them. I invested alot but i got nothing. I will not recommend lakme.


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