Lakme strawberry and Nivea oil regulating face wash review

I am not a big fan of Lakme products .Leaving beside there bridal sutra range which I completely enjoyed other things don’t impress me at all. But recently I couldn’t control myself when I saw Lakme strawberry face wash. The reason being is the strawberry extract in the product. I love strawberry, love to make strawberry puddings and yes apply it on my face too for that glow. Sometimes I use them on my hair to condition my hair.
I bought this product as feeling of strawberry on my face rejuvenated me as summers were around the corner and my combination oily skin needed more care.
What it claims-Product claim to have real strawberry extract which polishes skin by gentling washing away impurities from the innermost pores and removes dead skin, leaving tingling fresh, clean and fragrant.
Ingredients– Strawberry (Fragaria Chiloensis)Extract, Glycerin and Menthol.
Price-Rs99 for 100ml
My experience-
1. Product comes in a beautiful color tube and gives you an intense strawberry feeling when you use it.
2. It is completely refreshing and doesn’t dry my skin and maintains the exact moisture which I need for my skin.
3. Fragrance of this product is absolutely amazing.
4. It has a runny consistency but still one tube last long.
5. It is not pricey at all.
6. Doesn’t break me out and strawberry feeling makes you use it again and again.
I was enjoying this face wash and it was about to get over so I thought of purchasing another one. When I went to the market I came across Nivea oil regulating face wash for mixed to oily skin. I needed a face wash again and after reading the product info I realized that strawberry face wash lacking something.
Nivea face wash claims that it has Anti shine complex and micro scrub so I realized what I was missing in the lakme face wash. It has no scrubbing ingredients.
What it claims-Deeply cleanse mixed to oily skin without drying it out. The skin is deeply polished and mattfied leaving a pure skin feeling. The product also claims that it skin compatibility is dermatologically approved .
Ingredients: Aqua, glycerin, Sodium LaurethSulphate, Sodium carbomer, Aluminium, Chlorohydrate, Tocopheryl Acetate.

Price-Rs70 for75ml
My experience-
1. This product lives up to its claim and it completely cleanses out my skin without breaking me out.
2. What I like best about it is its scrubbing quality. It actually cleanses my pores and I am not working hard on my white heads now.
3. Consistency of the product is runny and still I think one bottle will last for 2 month even though I am using it daily.
4. My skin doesn’t feel dry at all after using the product.
Which one is worth to buy?
When I compared both the products I realized that Nivea face wash is comparatively much better to use. Lakme wins only in the fragrance part where as Nivea cleanse and removes dirt easily from deep pores without making you feel dry. The moisture retained by both the product is exactly the same.
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  1. wow, looking at lakme I want to buy it now. I love the look. Nivea products are always so good and gentle on the skin. I guess I will go for lakme just for the feel fresh feeling this summer.Thanks for the review babes.regardsShiva

  2. This is an almost empty tube ..The real bottle is much beautiful then this:)Nice to see you back shiva..Take care:)

  3. Good comparision & review. i enjoyed reading it and you are right, sometimes we use stuff just coz it looks so pretty and smells so good. & then u realise that some prdts are hidden gems in ugly packs, but they are awesome.. 🙂

  4. Great review…ive used the lakme one it was too drying, we dont get that nivea here, we get a pink one for dry skin and i found that it left a film afterwards so didnt like that either.


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