Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Fairness Sunscreen Review


Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon grass fairness sunscreen (for all skin types)

Have reviewed quite a few of the product from this range which includes Lakme sun expert fairness sunscreen body lotion, sun expert face wash and sun expert fairness mask and have liked most of them .

I was never Lakme sunscreen fan but this range changed my opinion  🙂 .Recently I got Lakme sun expert fairness sunscreen in squeeze tube form in 20 ml and before this I was using Neutrogena sunblock SPF 50 which is tad bit heavy to carry  around while traveling.

You can buy it from here

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Fairness Sunscreen review

What Lakme Sun Expert Fairness Sunscreen claims :-

Broad spectrum UV protection

SPF 24 protects the skin from UVB rays

PA++ protects the skin from the major contributor to skin damage, UVA rays.

Daily sunscreen formulation with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as cucumber, lemon grass extracts and Vitamin B3 to protect your skin and correct past sun damage, dark spots and pigmentation

Available in 100ml for Rs 170/-, 55ml for Rs 95/ and 20gm for Rs 49/-

Lakmé Sun Expert Fairness Sunscreen SPF 24 PA++ review

My experience with Lakme  Lemon Grass Fairness Sunscreen


Due to humid weather here my skin is combination oily nowadays and when  I use the Lakme sunscreen before stepping out of my home it works pretty well .It gets absorbed instantly and I like to use it underneath my foundation .It doesn’t give greasy feeling for 3-4 hours but after a while it does starts making my face oily albeit  not as oily as other sunscreen tends to do.It is light weight and doesn’t itch or burn my skin

One needs just pea size of the product to apply on the face and 20ml tube will lasts 15-20 days easily if you are in a habit of re -applying of  foundation.

Consistency of the product is not too thick or thin and has lemongrass fragrance which lasts for a while.

 Lakme Sun Expert SPF 24 PA+++- for all skin types review


What I like about Lakme Sun expert Fairness Sunscreen

  • Packaging – It comes in a small travel size squeeze tube packaging which I adore.I like  sliding it into my purse and use it whenever required.
  • Suits my skin, doesn’t irritate or burn and works under makeup as well
  • It works equally well on body also
  • Gives cooling sensation when applied
  • SPF24 PA ++  gives good protection to my skin
  • Decently priced.
  • Clear mention of all the ingredients.
  • Available in different sizes such as 100, 55 and 20.


What I do not like about Lakme Sunscreen


  • It’s not waterproof  and Non-Comedogenic
  • Does make my skin sweat after 3-4 hours.
  • Won’t help in fairness for sure


Will I recommend it to others – Yes, especially for dry and combination skin.If you have oily skin and are interested in trying it out then try the 20ml pack of Rs 49 .Also for  sensitive skin don’t forget to do a test patch.

Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

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    • Good morning Priti,:) yes the packaging s too pretty and as we dont have many sunscreen in small tube form this one has become one of my fav 🙂

  1. Hi A..This review has come at the right sunscreen is almost over and have to get one this weekend..i was planning to get the neutrogena one tho after reading the review here..

    I currently use Lotus matte wala sunscreen..I always tend to go for mattyfying sunscreens cos my skin starts sweating after using other sunscreens..wot would u suggest i go for? shud i change or stick with lotus?

    • lotus has some tint if u r fond of tint then don go for it otherwise u can for this is pretty handy and yes Neutrogena one is a must try 🙂

      • Hmm..I’ll try Neutrogena this time I guess..M not too comfy with the sweatiness which wud come along with Lakme..

        I do like some tint in my sunscreen actually..coz i dont use foundation on a regular basis…too lazy..i just slap on lotus and then use a mineral powder foundation to even everything it is m always super sleepy in the morning.. 😉

    • Prerana i heard that using suncreen above 30 is not good …but i am not sure i will have to confirm it.. i will ask Mitra to find from her doc.

  2. Hey nice review and very timely, m travelling next week and this makes a lot of sense to my dry combination skin…thanks anamika.


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