Lakme Sun Expert Fairness Body Sunscreen Review


Lakme Sun Expert Aloevera & Orange flower Fairness Body Sunscreen

This is my first Lakme body lotion somehow I always had this notion that Lakme body lotion won’t be that hydrating but their  new sun expert range proved me wrong :P.I am just enjoying it to the fullest nowadays :dance:.It has this aloe vera leaf extract which gives a cool feeling and citrus orange flower fragrance stays which stays for few hours :):)


Lakme sun expert fairness sunscreen review

Lakme Sun Expert Fairness Body Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 24 PA ++ is designed to provide broad spectrum UV protection while giving your skin the moisture it needs.While SPF 24 majorly blocks UVB rays that cause sun burns,PA++ provide protection from the harmful UVA rays that cause dark spots, premature aging and skin darkening.

This daily moisturising body sunscreen is formulated with Aloevera and orange flower extracts that fights sun tan and discoloration helping reveal fair and even skin tone.

How to use sunscreen –

For external use only.Apply generously all over the exposed part of the body at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.Give it  minute or two to be absorbed into the skin before applying any makeup.Re-apply every 3-4 hours if needed.

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Fairness Sunscreen Review

Ingredients of Lakme Sun expert Fairness Sunscreen

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber and Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen Range

Price – Rs 225 for 200ml

You can buy it from here

Packaging – I like the orangish yellow flip open packaging of the bottle.

Lakme sunexpert loevera and orange flower fairness body sunscreen

It has this not so thick and not so thin texture which is just not greasy and keeps my skin hydrated for 5-6 hours easily.

Lakme firness body sunscreen

Gets absorbed with in seconds no matter what is the quantity and gives this fresh feeling and makes skin appear fresh too.


Lakme sun expert range review

Product simply suits my skin  in this horrid hot weather.For a moment it takes the heat away and glides easily with in a minute .It has SPF 24++ which gives me extra precaution and I do see it helps my skin from getting tanned.I don’t see any fairness result but it does help in even out of skin tone.I have bad discoloration on my hands and I have seen some difference after using it but that can be because of regular exfoliation too so can’t really say promisingly on that aspect

This body lotion is perfect for combination to oily skin as far as skin hydration is concerned .If you are someone who has extremely  dry skin in summers then you might want to skip this .

Frgrance aloevera an orange fragrance stays for some 2 hours which is not strong and if you like that fruity fragrance in summers on your body then you are going to enjoy it .:)

I have not used it on my face as I don’t like to use body lotions on my face anymore so don’t know how it works with makeup on.

Looking at the quanity of the product it is not badly priced and one bottle lasts for one and half month easily if you use it every single day on whole of your body.

Lakme skin care products are something which I didn’t believe much in but after using Lakme fruit blast face washes, Lakme sun expert face pack I think it is time to change my opinion:)

Will I re -purchase it again – Yes I will but this time  I would like to try Lakme cucumber and lemon grass Fairness sunscreen I would love to feel that  lemon fragrance all around me .

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    • yes very very handy bul bul …i was so happy to use a body lotion which doesn’t have to toppled with sunscreen::):)
      which body lotion do u use??

  1. wao Anu, this looks nice 😀 i avoid body lotions in apr-june if i’m outdoors, as in these 3 months sweat makes me all chip-chip! to stay sun safe i apply my sunblock to exposed parts of body along with face, but then my sunblock used to get over very quickly 😛 😛
    now this is a good option to make body sun safe :yes:

    • You are going to love it Prerana it gives that thanda thanda cool cool feeling i am in love with it nowadays 🙂
      and this chip chip chip eeeyeeh reminds me of that old add..remember??

  2. Hey Anamika..
    how did your day go on yesterday..i think you had a nice birthday bash!!! post some biday pics for us to see.
    Its a nice sure, this is on my list and i wl try this.
    Please do suggest me a moisturisor with good normal to oil skin…not too oily though….currently am using Fab India’s Vitamin E sunscreen sPF 30. thanks Dhanu

    • Dhanu u can try this it will be good for your skin…and will help in even out your skin tone..

      and i just sat with some of my friends and remember the good old days :):) so nothing special to share sweet 🙂

      thanks for giving me so much of importance:)

  3. Nope..though it does takes times 2 dry

    My college make-up > Aloe vera gel + Avon Gel Foundation + Maybelline Compact

    I come home after 6 hours (after a lot of sweating n heatness), but still my face isn’t darker even coz of some oilyness 😀

  4. Hello Anamika,
    Isnt it supposed to be the body lotion with sunscreen….i meant to ask for face now that am left with less quantity of Fab India’s Vitamin E sunscreen. Please suggest a good moisturisor with SPF factor??

  5. Sounds good! I’ll check it the next time I am at the stores. Btw I got Vaseline cocoa butter body lotion and I am loving it so far 😀


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