Lakme Sun Expert Fairness Sunscreen(Oily Skin)Review


Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Fairness Sunscreen Oily skin

I have been using Lakme sun expert fairness sunscreen on my face , body and under makeup every singly day and this sunscreen is working for me better than Lakme sun expert cucumber & Lemon Grass fairness sunscreen (for all skin type) . As I mentioned before that( Lakme sunscreen for all skin type )  made me sweat after 3-4 hours but this one didn’t.I have combination oily skin which tends to feel greasy after re applying sunscreen.

Lakme sun expert cucumber & lemon grass fairness sunscreen oily skin review

What Lakme Sun Expert Fairness Sunscreen For Oily Skin Claims :-

Lakme Sun Expert Fairness Sunscreen with SPF 30Plus is designed to provide broad spectrum UV protection while keeping yoru complexion fresh and oil controlled.While SPF30  blocks UVB rays that cause sun burns ,PA+ provides protection from harmful UVA rays that cause dark spots prematrure aging and skin darkening.

The lightening non oily, non greasy sunscreen formulated with mineral clay for superior oil control as well as cucumber & Lemon Grass extracts, not only protects but also helps correct past complexion blemishes through a lighter skin tone or regular usage.


    • hehehe u can try this one also Zara for oily skin..u know i just discovered few things about neutrogena one

      it claims to be sun block which never helps it has SPF 50 which is on a higher note..SPF 30 is safest so i think there r few things which r sirprising me.

  1. hmm just went through the article so mor einfo i did it 🙂

    how u it still raining cats and dogs there??

  2. exactly 😀 i was avoiding foundation bz blending it was a problem so often used to mix it with moisture and just pat it 😛 lol but today was fab ekdum smoothly apply ho gaya no patches and no dryness and so soft brush 🙂

    Thanks to you 🙂 me so lucky to have won it 🙂

  3. Hi ANs How do you compare this one with lotus matte spf 40 ?
    Do u have to set it with a compact ?
    am a great fan of matte sunscreens neutrogena does not suit me at all !!!
    hey i tried ur version of maggie last night !!!

    • Mitha as lotus one is a tinted (some foundation)one i can not compare it with this..

      and how did Maggie turned out 😛

  4. But am asking you the effectiveness of oil contol as well as maintaining matte effect on skin !!!
    hey maggie turned out to be too spicy !!!
    infact I never add turmeric or chilli powder in my noodles!!!!
    but anyways it was a change.
    one more thing I dont buy maggie these days. being a noodles addict and health conscious at the same time I buy foodles by horlicks 😛

  5. for effectiveness of oil oil control and for matte effect it is good to go

    and sorry for the spicy maggie i am fond of spicy food and this is why i have maggie once in a blue moon
    i like spicy gol gappas, tikies and every thing 😉

    • hey why shuld u say sorry Ans ?
      U r my favourite !!!
      even I can eat spicy stuff once in a blue moon 😉
      bcoz am a regular noodles eater :eat:
      one more thing but I love green chillies. I like to eat it :eat:

      reg sunscreem am in too much love with my lotus sunscreen I have bought it for the next one long year . would u beleive me :shout: 😎 :chic: :inlove:

      • ONE Year….:O:O u love it so much..frankly speaking don find lotus products that affective..their ingredients list is confusing and not i kind of stay away from them nowadays.

  6. byes nothing other than lotus has given me a matte complexion !!!

    lotus matte is not that easily available at my place !!!
    even most of the times its out of stock !!!
    so I ve no option other than hoarding it :chick:

  7. not byes its but :-$
    I found all lakme sunscreens very ineffective on my skin. turns greasy in short time, leaves whitish cast,difficult to blend and the smell yuck !!!!
    so never used to buy lakme sunscreens !!!

  8. No Sweet heart :kissing:
    Am miles away from Hyderabad !!!!
    Thank u so much It meant a lot to me :inlove:
    by the way lakme is easily available here

  9. Hey guys hiii… 😀 …i gone through all ur comments but still m confused…:(
    my skin is very oily n sensitive i dnt apply ne sunscreen bt i want to try it out bt confused wch1 wud be best… u really fl skin type lk mine1 should use Lakhme sp30???? or is der nethngelse wch wl hlpout….


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