My Lancome, MUFE Blush & Giorgio Armani Haul


My Lancome, MUFE Blush & Giorgio Armani Haul

Hello Beautifuls,

How is the week catching up?

Well, today I am here to show some exciting stuff I hauled this month and it is not skin or haircare this time, but it is just makeuppp!! πŸ™‚

I happened to haul few makeup goodies from Make Up For Ever, Lancome & Giorgio Armani this time. I am so excited to show these to you guyss! πŸ™‚

Let me just quickly give you a detail of what products I got.

Products from Make Up For Ever-

  • MUFE High Definition Second Skin Cream Blush – # 310 (Rosewood)
  • MUFE High Definition Second Skin Cream Blush – # 320 (English Rose)

Price- INR 1847 for 2.8g

I happened to lay my hands of the Second Skin Cream Blushes which are like butter and glide so smoothly. I will be reviewing all of these products individually for you all. Well, that just reminded me that I can’t wait to try out all of the amazing makeup stuff now! πŸ˜‰

High Definition Second Skin Cream Blush 320 English Rose

Products from Lancome-

  • LANCOME 1Rouge In Love Lipstick – # 170N
  • LANCOME Sequins D’amour1Rouge In Love Lipstick – # 181N
  • LANCOME Rouge Saint Honore1Rouge In Love Lipstick – # 185N

Price- INR 1900 (approx.) for 4.2 ml

Gueralin sheer fluid

Product from Giorgio Armani-

  • Gorgio Armani Rouge Valentine1Fluid Sheer – # 12

Price- INR 4000 (approx.) for 30ml

I got this fluid sheer from Giorgio Armani which are like raved all over the beauty world as the radiance they give to the face is surely unmatched. These also act as great highlighters for giving a sculpted look to the face. Just blend it with your holy grail foundation and you are good to go with the natural radiance.

gueralin fluid sheer

Fluid Sheer 12 gueralin liquid blush

As you can see how perfectly it highlights the skin area without looking obvious on the skin. Only thing to keep in mind is to pick up the right shade as per your skin tone!

Gueralin sheer fluid blush shade 12

The HD Second Skin Creme Blushes are probably the most light and smooth creme blush available and they instantly melt on the skin making them look really natural after blending in properly. I picked up two shades from them which are perfect for my skin tone.

MUFE blush cream blush HD Rosepink

Lancome has been one of the cult favorite brands for me and I can’ enough of the lipsticks offered by the brand. I already have few of the Lancome Rouge In Love Lipsticks and I liked these shades so much that I picked three which are different shades of red &  pink.

Rouge In Love Lipstick 170N Sequins D'amour

I love the finish and can’t wait to put these on and show you guys how these look on me! πŸ™‚

rouge in love lipstick 18n rouge saint honore

Here is my latest video of my makeup haul where I will be showing the products I bought ! Do watch it girls!

Also, I am sorry for little mix up in my voice and background music .I promise it won’t happen again ..:)

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  1. Those Lippies, that Armani thingy and those MUFE Blushes in lovely rosy colours. Oh my! I am about to have a good makeup attack :dead:


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