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Hi Everyone!

Happy friendship day everyone! I am sure you are all wondering what to gift to your friends. Friends specially your best friends mean a lot to you and you know how you want to make it special for your friends. It’s a very well-known saying which says a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out!

I really find it true and apt for today’s world when we can have millions of Hi and Hello friends but truthful ones would only be one or two. Today, I am dedicating a DIY gift idea for those truthful friends who can only be good to us in all walks of life. I am sharing with you a last minute gift idea that you could use and prepare for your special friend which would also add an emotional quotient for you.

DIY Gift Idea

diy friendship day photo frame

I personally do not have many friends but the ones I have are really close to me and we are house on fire together. For those friends, making a gift all by yourself is definitely a pleasure which is mixed with love and care for our friends, our BEST FRIENDS!

For this gift, you would need 5 photo frames which are simple and cardboard based.

DIY photo frame back

Additionally you would also need a jar and a candle. You can also use a tea light candle. Along with this a glue gun and a pair of scissors is also required.

diy photo frame glue gun

Unique Quotes For Friends

Now to begin with it, you need to take print outs of the message you want to give to your friend. For instance, I have used quotes here.

diy friendship day photo frame print out

You could also use your pictures with your friend to be placed into the frames. Now you need to cut the print outs taking the size of the cardboard which you can remove from the frame.

diy photo frame print out cut

Cut and place the print outs into the frames one by one, next. Replace the card boards into the frames.

diy friendship day photo frame ready

Now, you need to paste the frames using glue gun or fevi stick might work.Take one frame as the base and place the others on each other forming a cuboid.

diy photo frame for friendship day

Once it is done, you need to place the jar into the middle of the cuboid. Before that remove the card boards from each of the frames as once you light the candle, you might not be able to show the effect from outside.

DIY photo frame jar

You can now light the candle and your gift is ready.

DIY glowing photo frame for friendship day

May your friendship also grow like this lighting gift you created.

diy frienship day gift

Hope you and your friend stay together for the entire lifetime sharing all your joys and sorrows together. I am lucky to have a few good friends whom I would like to have for my entire life. Wish you a lifetime of friendship as well.

Happy friendship’s day!!

I created a video for this..Hope you guys like it .Don’t forget to susbcribe to my channel for more DIY’s like this.



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