Last minute hacks for brides


Last minute hacks for brides

The Band, Baja, Baarat season is on and we absolutely love the flooded markets, glitzy wedding venues, mouth watering delicacies for days and not to miss the very crucial salon appointments.

Everybody enjoys a wedding be it the planner, the host, the guest, or the groom, but the bride-to-be is always anxious.

The big day for every bride is her wedding day, and every bride wishes to look her best on the big day. From dress, to makeup, to skin, to footwear…. Everything has got be the on-point, but there are always some last minute goof ups or misses.


In such situation one must know hacks and tips that come in handy. Today I shall share with you gorgeous brides some last minute hacks that may aid in making your big day, as best day to cherish for life.

The Dress


Never schedule a last minute dress trial, Infact keep it done two days in advance. Having said that we all know that there are some tiny-miny messes that may happen anytime, to save the mess concerning the attires you must always have some safety pins in hand. These are real fixers for some major dress issues.

Shoe Shopping


After the dress, the shoe rules and you want to keep your best foot forward. You must always keep in mind while shoe shopping for your wedding that your dress is gonna be heavy you really want to stay comfortable, if not comfortable but can ease things a bit. To ease your feet game, go on a hunt for platforms or wedges. They will not only keep your balance good but also aid in easy walks in the heavy dress.

Puffed eyes


A sleepless night before the wedding is no new tale to talk. No matter how much it is suggested to have beauty sleep, a night before the wedding is filled with anxieties and no sleep. This results in puffed eyes, which sure was not in your list. To deal with it you simple need to grab two spoons and pop them in the freezer to cool down. After 20-30 minutes, remove them from the freezer and gently press them, with the curved side down, onto your eyes. Doing this for few minutes will help de-puff and soothe tired eyes.

Puffy face


If not the puffed eyes were enough, you may also have to deal with a puffy-swollen face. Can a nightmare be more scaring???
Do not worry, we have a solution for this as well. Rub ice on your face in gentle motions to ease it out. Alternatively you may also try merging your face in a bowl of cold water infused with cucumbers. The high antioxidant levels in cucumbers help a lot.

No starving


It is a common thing for brides to do “Starving themselves”. It is not really a great idea to follow. Doing so often results in a big, greasy blow out which can really show in your skin. Rather follow more regular intake with healthy choices and let the natural glow shine.

Shoe too tight


The matching pair of shoe with your attire is too tight, and you got be comfortable at your D-day. This happens to every girl, and if you are a bride you for sure need to sort this out very quickly. The last minute hack is sure shot way to resolve this, grab the thickest pair of socks and a hairdryer and put the stretch game on. Wear the socks, sneak in your feet in your tight pair of shoe, and blow the hair dryer around your feet at the highest temperature, focusing on the tighter areas. This will loosen your shoe a bit and help you save your feet.

Spilled something on your dress

Spilled something on your dress and it is the bizzarest thing that you could have imagined for you’re the day. Keep cotton swabs, buds and sheets of wipes handy to tackle such a situation. This will help you wipe the spills; remember to dab and don’t wipe. Wiping will only worsen it and cause the stain to spread.

Apart from all these hacks I also wish to suggest you to practice your look at home a few times before your wedding or if you are using a professional make-up artist have a trial. You do not want to play the game and discover yourself a look that you do not like at all. Also ensure to have a small bag to keep your touch up essentials such as lipstick and blotting paper or powder.

My lovely brides All the best for your big day, and please do share your pictures with us.



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