Last Minute Skin Care


Sri asks,

My engagement is on 26th of this month .Till now I am taking care of my skin properly but once the date is fixed i am little tensed and not able to decide what care to take at this last moment.Plz suggest some quick skin care and hair care tips na…


last minute skin car


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  1. hi dear… congratulations .. :rose: :rose: i strongly advise against trying any “new” beauty treatments or tips. Just stick on to what your skin is used to and relax.. ! be regular with the CTM regime and get enough sleep.. <3 :cute:

  2. Eat right. Lots of water. Keep your system clean. No fried food.

    You did not tell what your skin type or hair type is. however, get a hair spa if possible, as soon as possible, to make sure your hair looks super soft on the d-day. And get a good facial, preferably a gold facial or pearl facial, to brighten up the skin. DO NOT BLEACH.

    Also, if your skin is not moisturized enough, go and moisturize it everyday.

  3. EAT, DRINK AND SLEEP… fruits and water and long hours…. Dont step out even for a moment without sunscreen. Have a tried and tested facial …no new ingredient !!! if you havent had facial ever, get a microdermabrasion done at derma.
    Get waxing done on 22nd/23rd…no later than that .
    A hairmask or a conditioning treatment !!
    It all comes down to the day… get a good makeup artist… will cover up everything else…
    Oh and no stress… absolutely no stress 🙂


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