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I’ve always loved experimenting with different products and brands. Most of the times some high end brands are very out of reach which puts us off. But last month when Rash and A let me know of the strawberrynet Rakhi offers, I jumped at the opportunity. This is my first Laura Mercier and would not be the last..And let me tell you why..


Laura Mercier Lipstick in Pixie Reviews Laura Mercier Lipstick in Pixie Review

About Laura Mercier Lipsticks:


Gives long wearing & stay-true color
Formulated with therapeutic botanicals
Absolutely moisturizes & soften lips
Fills in ridges & fine lines
Wide range of color from deep, rich shades to lighter, softer shades
Provides a balanced & trendy makeup result

  • Quantity: 0.14 oz
  • Price: $22 + Tax
  • Packaging: This lipstick comes in a rectangular plastic casing. It has a clip clasp and is travel friendly and won’t open up in your purse.

Laura marcier pixie lipstick REVIEWS  Laura marcier lipsticks reviews


  • Color: This shade looks like a deep coral pink shade but on my lips takes on a mild watermelon peachy hue. Its a very fresh color and can be worn daily as well. It doesn’t have any shimmer at all which makes it perfect for all occasions regardless of whether formal or casual.

Laura mercier lipstick reviews Pixie


  • Texture: The lipstick is very smooth and has a satin finish. It is extremely moisturizing and there is no scope for my lips to feel dry when wearing this. I don’t have to wear a balm beneath this and at no point does this settle into my lips or look goopy. Its a pleasure to wear this!
  •  Pigmentation & Coverage: This lipstick gives me a medium coverage. It can be built up of course, but not extensively so. It does conceal light pigmentation but would probably not work for highly pigmented lips.

I so love this shade…I can’t appreciate it enough…My lips look absolutely perfect in this. Its not too pink and can be worn anywhere and everywhere over any kinds clothing!I am so crazy about this shade and am so scared that it’ll get over and I’ll be left without my Pixie!

Laura marcier lipsticks swatches pixie makeup

  • Staying Power: This lipstick stays for about 3hrs without eating. One would have to touch up/ reapply after meals.


Laura marcier pixie lipstick swatches Laura marcier lipstick swatches pixie

Laura Marcier lipstick pixie on my lips


What I like about Laura Mercier Pixie:


  • Glides so smoothly without any streaking.
  •  Has a subtle glow without being too glossy or frosty.
  • The shade is perfect..Not dull and not too bright.
  • A very wearable shade for most of us.
  • Fades evenly leaving a nice tint of color.
  •  Moisturizing and doesn’t settle into the fine lines at any point.
  • Perfect for daily wear.
  •  The staying power is respectably good.


What I don’t like about Laura Mercier Pixie:


  •  Availability is the main issue.
Rating – 4.5/5
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  1. this is such a gorgeous shade..wowww..looooooooove it..$22 a little steep but what the heck!!! harm in indulging a bit..enjoy really is a super shade.. :lipstick: :lipstick: (love this emoticon)

  2. Good morning Appu ..shade is drool worthy ..and it really made me laugh when zee said she is scared of her pixie getting over :rotfl: :rotfl:

  3. Wow love this colour on ur beautiful lips :lipstick:
    though expensive, but the review promises that its worth buying it.
    But how come u select these shades by viewing online catalogues or have u already seen the swatch of it before ??

  4. i guess this question is for me ..
    I make a detailed wishlist and update it every time..
    then before going for shopping i mean a day before i just work it out and make an exact list. I hardly go beyond that limit !!!
    It can be difficult though !!!

    • Hehe…I also always do that whn m shopping online…A will tell u wot an organisation freak I am..everything in their volume n all..but when I go to check out stuff waise hi at malls I don’t carry a list..if A has put up the swatches then I have a basic blueprint in my head bout wot I Wana check out and wot to avoid to that helps avoid fizool ka kharcha 🙂

  5. Hey Zee… nice review.. as always 🙂 It looks nice on your lips… I can see tiny dollar signs :-$ :-$ too 😀
    Is it just me or do you actually have very similar shades (except high tea) ?:-) :-/

    • Hey mals..thanx so much..I luv such shades..

      Hmm..I wudnt call this shade something I hav coz it’s one of those shades which I’ve never seen so far..:)

  6. Sorry Zee.. actually i used the wrong description 🙁 I dint mean same shade but the same color family (you know what i mean na) 🙂
    These colours look soooo nice on you.
    I am more of a brown person.. practically have all shades of brown!! Too scared to try other colors frankly 🙁

    • Oh accha..Color family…yep..that I do..I always have ColorS from either the red or the pink family.. I do have plums and browns but very few since m nt too fond of them..I feel like tpsuch shades make me look all washed out..m always on the hunt for that perfect brown…any reccos mals?

  7. Hey Zee.. you have High tea na.. isnt that from the brown family?? ?:-) [its on my MAC wishlist.. which Ana madamme has to approve ;)]
    You can try Maybelline’s Autumn rush and Warm me up. Lovely shades and not tooooooo brown!!

    • high is a nude color yes bu with a hint of pink..its very mild but there 🙂

      u kno, whenever i go to the maybelline counter they always say that autumn rush is sold out..hehe…must b a best seller na?

    • haha! its not like that yaar…its from such forums that we come t kno bout so much…for eg, i dont hav even 1 revlon blush and never knew they were any after hearing gomany gud things from everyone, m itching t try them..

    • Hi Viva!

      Naa..i haven’ tried their TM …wud luv to tho…i wud hav ordered it online but m a bit skeptical coz of the shades..even if it were cheap then i cud hav tried it out…but something that pricey id like to b certain of wot m buying 🙂 🙂 hehe..

  8. hey Zara ……………… this is sooo pretty yaar … and now your exciting words are echoing in my ears …

    veryyyyyyyyyyy pretty it is :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    and a deal isnt it ?? LM is in our reach isnt it so damn cool thing ??


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