Layered sweetness-Easy fruit custard and rice recipe

I tried this dish when we had guest at home and it turned out marvelous. I made it thinking it will be little different but it turned out so yummy that my guest were left praising about my cooking skills like anything.

Albeit, it is a simple dish of custard and rice which we keep having every day . I prefer making custard for my husband who hates eating fruits but likes to have sweet thing. So this way some fruits goes inside his underweight body. Thinking this only I tried this dish after reading it in a magazine.

This dish will be preferred by kids and adults too so you don’t have to order ice-creams for kids and gulab jamun for adults when ever you want to serve sweet to your guests.Make this easy recipe which will be cherished by all.

Pics taken for the recipe didn’t come out that bright as expected but i still posted them to help the readers.

Ingredients (Serves 3-4)

For custard

2tbsp of custard powder (any flavor)
500ml milk
3tbsp of sugar
Seasonal fruits (Mangoes, banana, straw berry etc.Cut them in any shape of your choice)

For sweet rice

1and ½ cup boiled rice
1 cup water
1 cup sugar


Take 2tbsp of custard powder in a cup and add 50 ml milk in it.Make a smooth light paste of this mixture.

Boil the remaining 450 ml milk in a pan and add 3tbsp of sugar in it.

Add the custard mixture in the milk and stir continuously for 2-3 minutes to avoid burning till it gets thick.Take the custard out in the bowl ,add all the fruits and keep it in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours till its get chilled.You can make this custard a day before also to fasten up the dish process.

Boil rice.I boiled quite a large amount as I was planing to make fried rice for them.To know the recipe click here.

In a pan take a pan and add equal amount of water and sugar to make sugar syrup(chasni).

Keep stirring with a spoon and remove any scum formed on the surface by a spoon.

When the syrup gets thicken add rice in it.If the syrup gets too thick you can add little water in it.Only point is that rice should get soaked in the syrup easily.Let the rice get cool or place it in the fridge.

Those who know how to make chasni should not worry about half thread consistency or full thread consistency of chasni.All type of consistency with work in this recipe as we just have to soak the rice in it.

Now last and the most enjoyable part of the recipe.Take a long glass and add custard in it.Now make a layer of sweet rice and then custard again.Continue the same process till you cover the whole glass.Do this when you have to serve it.

Enjoy your layered sweetness.


  1. 😛 there r three women and me alone at home..u should allow some prejudice for the minority ouseholder friend..:)cheers ya

  2. Oh My God. This is so awesome. Anamika you really do tease me with your recipes. Awesome.regardsShiva


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