Layla Smalto Per Unghie Nail Polish 74 Review & NOTD


 I always wanted to tryLayla Smalto nail polishes but as these are not available in India so I lost hope:( Now I have reason to be happpppy because they are available online on at amazing discounts . :blush:

lAYLA-Smalto-nail-polish-74-reviews+Iayla nail paint reviews pink nail paint

These nail polishes cost INR 550 for 10 ml  but I got them at 50% discount from the Healthkart. I saw them at too but they are bit pricey there.


I got the shade Smalto per Unghie ahemm that’s Italian 😛 lets just stick to shade no 74 only.Nail paint comes in long thin nail polish bottle and has a long brush too.

Layla-smalto-74-nail-paint+Layla smalto 74 nail paint swatches

I have applied two coats here otherwise shade comes out a little sheer. It’s a matte rose pink shade which gives shiny and glossy appearance.Consistency of the nail polish is little thicker than usual and can be used for nail art too.

lAYLA-Smalto-per-unghie-74-NOTD,  Iayla nail paint pink 74 swatches

Shade is a little brighter and glossier than what it looks in the pic. When used on top coat it stays on my nails for three days without chipping which is quite long  for me.


 Some of you think that pink  nail paints make their hands look dark but this one brightens them up.It’s a great every day shade and I am just loving it 🙂

I will recommend these nail polishes, though a bit pricey, you will enjoy the finish if you love nail paint :).I am going to order  Layla Multireflex nail polish too I am keen to know how they will turn out 🙂

Have you tried Layla Cosemtics or Nail polishes ?


  • Overall – 4/5
  • Texture & Finish-4/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 3.5/5
  • Availability– 3/5(One can only buy them from
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  1. I just love the shape of the bottle…so dainty!! :-)) and I love pink nps, so i absolutely adore this shade!

    Is this a famous brand abroad? never really heard of it :quiet:

  2. It is sooooooooo pretty :inlove: I am a sucker for pink and there are days when I want to shift outside India permanently for the Nail paints…this is just one of those days :smug:

  3. I love these. I have three polishes from Layla. And the multireflex is AMAZING. You should get 185 first though. It has the strongest ummm…multireflex. 😛

    The brush on these is great.
    But it has wierd smell and if I go too close (dont ask me why I go too close 😛 ) my eyes sting.
    But considering I have two Laylas sitting in cart somewhere obviously I love polishes more than my eyes. 😛

    I have had too much coffee and no breakfast. I need to slow down !!

    • hahhhaahha Nirah ..thanks for letting me know i so want to try multifrex…there finish is just too beautiful and getting them at 50% off is amazing na 🙂

      and coffe and no breakfast..whats keeping u so busy 😀

        • haha.
          You dont sound gavar. All Layla polishes have wierd names. Example in the title of this post. 😛

          Multi reflex polishes have shimmery glittery particles that show different colours.
          They are beautiful.
          My blog is sloppy but go and have look, you will find it there. These polishes are truly amazing.

      • Yes. These discounts are messing my finances. My maths is good. 50% discount means I need to buy two. 😛

        I dont even know what is keeping me busy. Just one of those rushing-around-getting-nothing-done days. Please dont say you dont have them, I cant be the only one. 😛

  4. this is so beautiullllllllllllllllll :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* i want i want i want :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  5. Pretty shade Ana… waiting for the multireflex post!! 🙂
    You are into pink these days kya?? What happened to the Reds girl?? 😀


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