Layla Smalto Per Unghie Nail Polish Vernis 205 Nail Polish NOTD


Few weeks back I showed you Layla Smalto Nail Polish in pink shade 74 and now its time for the second nail polish from the same brand which is super stunning and even looks better than the pink one.

I know you are  trying  to figure out the brand name but don’t do that as it’s italian 😀

Layla smalto per unghe nail polish swatch+Layla smalto per unghie nail polish 205 swatch

These nail polishes cost INR 550 for 10 ml  but I got them at 50% discount from theHealthkart. I saw them at too but they are bit pricey there.These nail polish are neither too thick or thin in texture and have long brushes .

It’s a dark berry matte shade and I have applied two coats of it here.This shade is really appealing and I adore its matte finish.


This shade makes my hands look brighter . Shade is just bright enough to be interesting but not so bright that it is over the top.

Layla smalto per unghe nail polish 205+Purple nail paint photos

Layla egg plant nail polish NOTD

and now some fun part.I applied  Orly nail polish which I recently got from as a top coat.Shade name is shine on crazy diamond and it has multi coloured micro shimmer which looks great on any matte colour nail polish.

lAYLA SMALTO NAIL POLISH+Layla smalto per unghe nail polish 205+Purple nail paint photos

A closer look so that you can spot these micro multicoloured shimmer.This shade completely changes any nail polish looks and works great as a top coat too 🙂

Layla smalto per unghe nail polish vornis NOTD 205


I loved the way it completely changed overall look of my nail polish 🙂


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Wise She Rating :-

  • Price Vs Quality – 4/5
  • Packaging -5/5
  • Consistency -4/5
  • Availability – Available online on at a decent price.


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  1. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 At least wait for some money to come in my shopping relief fund :bangbang:

    I will in Hyd for 2 hours, don’t make want to lootfy you :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :zombiekiller:

  2. its amazing Ana….was waiting for this review jabse u told abt it…. :inlove: :inlove: checking out the site firse…hope i get tempted enuf to pick it up :silly:

  3. yey!! another fungie!!! 😉 😉

    looks gorgeous and even better with the top coat…me want now…abhi abhi abhi!! that too wid discount… :smirk:

  4. I will pretend I did not read this post!!
    I have already ordered two Orly.

    First I need to buy new storage for nail paints now!
    Gosh! why dont the existing ones multiply, have babies or something 😉

    • :rotfl::rotfl: thas the funniest thing i have ever do u store them..i am worried abt storing now ..
      do u keep then in fridge ??

      which shade did u order?

      • these types are called glitter polish..they r like suspended particles in clear or jelly base. NYX has some pretty nice glitter polishes…i have a few basic one in silver, gold. And i just bought a few Kleancolor ones..that i posted on my site. These r a big rage abroad


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