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Hi Guys!

I am really worried about recent trending articles on facebook where they have list down many lipstick companies who have high percentage of lead in their lipsticks.Brands like Clinique and Estee lauder have been found having lead in their lipstick and it is considered that lead in lipstick causes cancer :O.Whats your opinion about it ?

Also, please suggest some lead free lipsticks available in India.




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  1. me waiting for answers.
    i came to know that to detect the presence of lead , rub gold over the lipstick swatch if it turns black, its not lead free.
    hope it helps a bit 🙂

  2. i just came to know from a friend yeaterday tat maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in pink petal has more lead…. 🙁

    i wanted to buy tat actually.. n have now changed my minds 🙂

    i was reading an international survey 2 months ago… and what it mentioned was many leading & luxury brands lipsticks too have lead in them..

    the only exception they claimed was NARS… which is totally out of our budget though..availability is an issue too 🙁

  3. also heard that MAC doesnt contain lead in its lipsticks 🙂

    which is good news.. since MAC is easily available in India these days… not bothering the price since u get gr8 quality & shade selection 🙂

  4. I too hav heard dat maybellie pink petal almost tops the list. More than brand, the lead content actually varie from shade to shade. Avon lippies generally rank low in lead content. Not sure if there’s a brand where all the lippies r 100% lead free. Nice question n wud love to see more answers

  5. Even I have been on a look out for lead free lipsticks. Even I have heard that AVON lipsticks are lead free; especially AVON ultra color rich ones. I have bought many lipsticks from AVON. Bodyshop and Revlon makes lead free lipsticks. Bodyshop and Revlon are a bit expensive compared to AVON.

  6. try some organic website. they stock stuff wth less chemicals…. our watersupply has lead like mad… because of pollution and outdated pipes…. why bother abt tiny amounts in lpsticks? 🙂

  7. I believe Inglot lippies are paraben free- would that mean that they are lead free too ?:-)
    I too read the article at FDA website & was appalled to find a lot of lippies from Maybelline my fav brand.
    I threw away My Mahogany- it wasn’t on the list, but how can u trust the brand which uses lead even if the shade u have is not on the deadly 10 list 😮

  8. Hi….I have at least 30 shades of oriflame lipsticks in all ranges…tested them all with gold ring test…found them all lead free.


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