Learn Makeup Tips and Tricks From Victoria Beckham


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Do you get fashion and beauty goals just by thinking about the former Spice girl Victoria Beckham? Well, I do! Hands down she is one of the yummy-mummy of the world and one of the best-dressed celebs of all times. Her makeup and fashion sense is always on point and there are only rare instances when she has messed up (though I can’t remember any right now!:-D ).


She excels in whatever she does and being the wife of one of the most handsome football captains of all times, David Beckham, she’s in the constant limelight. And when this beautiful and sassy lady shares her makeup tips, we are bound to hear it with cent percent alertness. Listing Makeup tips by this beautiful Victoria Beckham. Enjoy!


Makeup Tips By Victoria Beckham:


  • The perfect nude:

We all should have that perfect nude lipstick in our kitty but do you know that our skin tone changes with the season and so that perfect nude that is just bang on in winters might wash your tanned summer skin. So it is essential for keep some lipsticks as your perfect nude for different seasons.


  • Makeup is not just makeup:


Makeup should not be just makeup for you, says Victoria. It can make a woman feel amazing and also be your armour in times of need. Makeup should hold a very special place in your life and so you should embrace these beauties in your vanity as much as you appreciate your own beauty in front of the mirror.

  • Vanilla Eyeliner goals:

Vanilla eyeliner or nude eye pencil should be in a girl’s vanity for those days when you have to go
to the office but you are feeling damn lazy. Vanilla eye pencils open up your eyes and make them look wider too.

  • Makeup for no-makeup:

Even if you are not in a mood to take selfies and be in the spotlight, there should be some products that are in your makeup list. For this diva, these includes a moisturiser, Morning Aura, bronzer and a great powder. For that no-makeup look, you definitely to make up your skin.

  • Makeup and fashion forwardness:

Makeup shouldn’t be just makeup. It should be something which has an intimate relation with fashion. Makeup varies according to trend and so on one time, the smoky eye look takes a backseat allowing the subdued vanilla eyeliner to shine at the corner of the eyes.

  • The HG of makeup:

If you want to invest less but invest in the right things, then these two products can surely steal the show. The first is a perfect nude lipstick. Whether it is office or a bad-mood day, a nude lipstick can add a dazzle of poise to your look without looking OTT. The other is an illuminator. You need to glow babes and this one will make sure you do!

  • Control and splurge:


When you are splurging on makeup, there can be a devil in your mind who will make you purchase more than what is actually required. And this is what Victoria is trying to avoid. According to her, to look beautiful you don’t need tonnes of useless makeup items, just some useful items can work wonders.

That’s all folks!

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