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Don’t you feel glad when there is no left over bread or chapati to through in the dustbin? Some times we have too many breads left and we don’t know what to do about it.This is an easy recipe of bread and my husband calls it a stale bread recipes.😀

It takes maximum 3 -4 minutes to make this recipe and it can be your quick breakfast or an evening snack.I have used brown bread in it but if you are fond of white bread you can use that also.

Here goes the recipe


 5-6 bread slices or as per requirement(cut them in any shape of your choice but do not remove the corners of the bread)
2-3tbsp of butter(Use the unsalted butter if you have.It taste better with this recipe)
2-3tbsp of sugar

Method and preparation:-

Step1-Take a pan and 1tbsp of butter in it and let it melt.

Step2-Add the bread slices and roast them till they get brown which will hardly take 2-3 minutes.Add more butter if you require.

Step3-Now when the bread gets little brown close the gas and add sugar in it and mix it properly.You can use powder sugar also if you want but crystal sugar works well too.

Your toasted bread with sugar is ready to be served.:)

Serve it warm.If you want you can 1tsp of honey also into it .You can increase or decrease the taste of the sugar as per your requirement.

Enjoy the quick and instant bread recipe which is an healthy recipe too:)

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  1. Tanz Rentu told me you can add some cinnamon to it..I really liked the idea…do try that also if u make it.
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