Lemon Essential Oil & Its Benefits


By Kavitha

Lemon Essential Oil & Its Benefits

So far we have known about the miraculous effects of lemon and its various skin and health benefits. Well, today we will know something about the essential oil produced from Lemon. Before discussing about the benefits offered by lemon essential oil, first lets know something about the source and origin of lemon essential oil.

Lemon essential oil is obtained from the peel of the lemon skin. People in ancient times have used lemon essential oil much earlier than we came to know about it. Initially it was used to freshen up the clothes and prevent bad odor.

lemon oil for clothes

Lemon is grown in countries such as India, China, Japan and south east Asia,but it is grown widely in Spain now. A single lemon tree can produce 1500 fruits per year. Lemon essential oil is available in two colours light yellow colour and another one in green color. The cost of lemon essential oil is little high. Here you may ask me why is it high? A single lemon tree produces 1500 fruits per year still a small bottle of lemon essential oil cost is a little high? It is because to produce one kilo of lemon essential oil 3000 lemons are used.

Essential oils for skincare

Common Uses

Here are some commonly used ways to employ Lemon essential oil for daily use activities!

  • Want to get rid of insects?Just mix lemon essential oil with peppermint oil and use it as insect repellent.
  • Lemon essential oil blends well with other oils such as lavender essential oil,rose oil, neroli essential oil,sandalwood oil,geranium essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil.It is used in aromatheraphy.
  • Can we consume lemon essential oil? No you should not. Although lemon essential oil is used in some beverages,you should never consume it directly.
  • Lemon essential oil offers health benefits starting from your head to toe.No I am not exaggerating, it really offers dandruff free,strong and shiny hair, even complexion and soft skin.
  • Not only this it helps to boost the mood, cure insomnia, stomach related problems such as indigestion, stomach upset.One small bottle of lemon essential oil can do this wonders.
  • Even though lemon essential oil offers so many health benefits to us, it must be used with some precaution. Now don’t get scared when I say use it with precaution. It is because lemon essential oil is suitable to everyone’s skin. So before using it actually take an sensitivity test for your skin to prevent allergies.

hair dye allergy and prevention

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Don’t keep lemon essential oil in direct sunlight,if you have kept it in direct sunlight. Then it releases a unpleasant smell and it becomes unfit to use, don’t use as it might cause you some allergies.
  • Similarly after using lemon essential oil on your skin don’t go under direct sunlight for around 12+ as lemon essential oil is very photo sensitive.
  • As for pregnant ladies before using lemon essential oil consult your doctor.
  • Do not keep it near fire, flame, heat or sparks.
  • Don’t use it on infants and very small children.

Don’t let the precautions stop you from enjoying the benefits offered by lemon essential oil. Use it sensibly as the oil is sensitive.

Hope you like this post on the numerous benefits of essential oil!

Have you tried Lemon essential oil before?

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