Lemon Grass Oil For Skin Lightening


Lemon Grass Oil For Skin Lightening

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Well today, I am here with a useful tip that would enhance your skin and make it lighter. You remember, we discussed the various uses of lemon grass some weeks ago which included a solution it has for skin lightening. Today, I am here with a post entirely on skin lightening which would help you use it in the right manner.

Its anti-bacterial, antiseptic and astringent properties are all quite essential for your skin. Let me explain each of these one by one.

Anti-bacterial Properties

Antibacterial properties help in keeping your skin free from any skin allergens that could make your skin unhealthy. The antiseptic properties are of course quite essential as we all know what summers bring along, and the weather which is right now progressing the monsoons are also very bad for skin as they bring bacterial attacks. The lemongrass oil helps you prevent your skin from all such bad effects.

lemongrass essential oil for skin lightening

The third property regarding being an astringent is also very good. Lemon grass is known for its various benefits for skin and it is a natural toner which helps your skin revitalize against the pollution and dust we are succumbed to. It is very good to be used specially these days when dust storms are common and frequent. The lemongrass oil helps in reducing the melanin pigment of your skin and making it up to two tones lighter with regular use.

However, since this oil is highly concentrated, it is better and advised not to use it directly on the skin. People have complained about rashes and skin burns on using this directly on the skin. It is, therefore better not to use it directly but with the help of some other carrier along. Like for example, one could use the jojoba oil or grape seed oil which can carry this to your skin along with the other benefits of these natural oils as well.


Lemongrass helps in detoxifying the skin which leads to lightening and brightening of the skin tone and also leads to an improvement in the texture of the skin. It is good for all skin types normal, oily or two-toned. This however has to be a discrete use for the people with sensitive skin as the oil might not suit them due to its already mentioned issues.

Also, for the people with acne, I would suggest a real tested use as it should not lead to problems that could aggravate your problem. It would be better to consult a dermatologist before using it as a precaution.

If you feel it suits your skin, you can use it freely without worrying much as the skin would definitely tell you if the usage has been positive or not.


One word of caution here though. You should not move out immediately after using lemongrass oil as it might harm your skin. The oil is usually not resilient to heat and it can make your skin more prone to rashes or sunburn. As I already mentioned, if you have a sensitive skin, you should either avoid it or use it after a small patch test like may be under your hair on your neck’s backside. If you do not feel any issues with it, you are free to use it.

I hope this helps you in gaining a brighter skin. Also, don’t forget to check out this DIY Cream video using tan removing cream.


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