Lemongrass Essential Oil For Skincare


Lemongrass Essential Oil For Skincare

Lemongrass is one of the most useful oils used today. It is gaining popularity these days due to its versatile nature. From medicinal to carminative to astringents, it is being used extensively. There are many a products where it is being used today as the main ingredient.

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Made from lemon grass, it essentially smells like lemon but is far off from being sour like an actual lemon. It is a good pain reliever for pains like headaches, toothaches etc. Even for viral infections like cough and cold, it is a good solution. It is also a good antiseptic for all the injuries we have.

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Benefits for the skin

Human skin is definitely better off with a product like this as it helps in saving the skin from bacterial, fungal and septic infections. It is also a good for rejuvenation as it helps close the open pores, helping skin to tighten and dampen keeping it hydrated.

It is also a good deodorant which is definitely better than the synthetic ones that we use. It is an herbal product and hence there is no side effect of using it. The fragrance is strong enough to stay with us for long. This is good for the skin as it saves the underarms from the burning sensations that the deodorants otherwise give.

Even for the blackheads, that we find quite irritating on areas like nose and cheeks, lemongrass oil is a spearhead solution. It helps to remove the same from the skin easily and keep it safe of these blackheads. It is also good for acne and makes the pores resistant to the disease preventing it to a great extent.


Improves Skin Texture

This oil is also good when mixed with bathing soap and shampoo as it has its natural revitalizers to improve your skin health. A relaxing shower with a few drops of lemon grass into the water will also help you detoxify yourself adding to your pleasure of removing your anxiety and stress. It is a definite stress buster and helps you feel better and rejuvenated almost immediately.

Using it as an aroma in your room also helps you rinse your skin into the therapeutic pleasures this oil can offer. Many of my friends use it to drink with their normal tea which also helps them keep their internal health quite well which also helps in revitalizing the skin. Twin benefits of scent and health are definitely on the cards with this oil.

Using it for direct massage may be a little strong to use, therefore, I believe we should use it in a diluted form mixing it with almond oil or jojoba oil to make it reach the right areas of the body and hair. It is also advised to do a patch test before using it directly. Also, pregnant ladies should refrain from taking it orally as its sedative might be too strong to handle.

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I am sure by now, you have learnt that these oils are totally essential for all kind of skin rehabilitation we need. I am buying it as it is also the most easily available essential oil. I use it in my office as a scented candle fluid and it definitely makes my day. Now I intend to add it to my tea as well to make it healthier. And if my day starts with such aromatherapy, I believe the rest of the day at work and home shall also pass successfully without much stress.

Have you tried Lemongrass essential oil?

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