Leopard Print Eye Makeup Tutorial


Since the time I have seen Aashika from big boss wearing leopard eyes, her image has been running into my mind. This kind of eye makeup kind of satisfies the makeup obsession and makes you feel like a Leopard which by the way is so sexy. I find people wearing leopard print leggings and stocking too hot and hence the inspiration for this eye makeup


Leopard print animal print eye makeup



Here is the step by step eye makeup tutorial:-

  • Apply eyeshadow primer and start applying golden bronze shade from your brow bone.
  • Apply coral shade on the eye lid and blend down both.
  • Pat down a yellow eye shadow over the coral shade and blend  down both the shades.(I haven’t defined the crease as such in this)
  • Apply the golden bronze shade below the lower lashline .
  • Apply a winged eyeliner and use black eye pencil on the waterline.
  • Place abstract shape all over your eyes as shown in the picture below.Best will be to use a eyeliner pen for it.
  • Fill in your brows and finish off with loads of mascara.




Placing abstract is not that difficult. Just keep them close to each other and we are done and feeling sexy 😉
Leopard eyes makeup eotd


Have you tried Leopard Print Eye Makeup before ?


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  1. Ana 😀 I can say that you have a lot of patience :yes: …..for doing like this wonderful ETOD :hug-makeup: :-*
    You have done it perfectly dear :inlove: :inlove:

  2. Tat is just super sexy…loved it..don’t watch Big Boss so dont really know hw Aashka’s eye makeup was but yours is just amazing..u should do some video tutorials too..helps eye makeup novices like me learn some blending techniques

  3. I swear to God… even m inspired by Aashka and was trying leopard prints eyemake up at home, i just didnt post it anywhere.. Love ur version…A! The green lenses is a perfect match i have the same green lensses :beauty: :lipstick: :heart: :yes:

  4. seriously ana i second parul u shld start on youtube..u r super talented n its realy luks sexy..d lens r giving extra sensuousness to d whole luk :heart:

  5. Super babe! It looks so real..like a sticker in fact..it’s dat perfect…I’d never hav had d patience for this n m marvelling at how u did this….what did anvi say when she saw it?

    • she thankfully was asleep albeit her father was really impressed…:) in the middle of the eye makeup she got up and i started saving my makeup from her but still ended up breaking sleek trio…:(

      • Oops! Broke it??? See? I told u u shud have exposed her t makeup pehle se hi so she wud develop a liking for it 🙂 🙂 she must hav been angry coz mumma did a look n dint shower also…todna to banta hai!

  6. You are a Pro Ana!! I am at the bottom curve of eye makeup 🙁 Keep doing more tutorials on eye makeup so that I can hopefully learn something about eyemakeup 😛 :-))

  7. super duper EOTD… loving the bronze gold & coral.. 😀

    wud hv loved to see both ur eyes together… the real leopard look.. 😉

  8. whoohooo! smokin hot Ana :tap-dance: U r d bomb in eye makeup :chic: I never try any eye makeup only.Wearing lip gloss is enuf to draw weird glances here :hammer:

  9. U r wow Anamika!!!! :yes: I liked ur earlier green eye tutorial so much that i bought a green smokey eye palette the very next day :lashes: I like this look as well bt I m not sure whether I can carry it well ?:-)

    • this is for the new year party only Maitri 😀 and i am glad u like my tutorials..you will be seeing many more of them soon 🙂


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