Lets Dupe It – Bobbi Brown Cranberry 30 & Sleek Fenberry


Sleek has many many dupes of high ends brands  which I realized  long back and while going through my blushes collection I found Fenberry Blush of Sleek which is actually a dupe of Bobbi brown cranberry blush which I have reviewed here. I think Sleek had this in mind while making the blush, otherwise why will they name it Fenberry :d



Sleek Blush Cranberry 30  dupe+Sleek Blush Cranberry +Cranberry blush Bobbi brown +Bobbi brown product review


  • Bobbi Brown Blush Cranberry 30 –  Around 1200 in 3.7 gm 
  • Sleek Blush Fenberry – $6.50  for 8 gm 

Sleek blush Fenberry  review+Sleek Cranberry 30 blush+plum shade bobbi brown


Bobbi Brown Cranberry - Its a medium dark plum shade with brownish red undertones.


Bobbi brown Cranberry blush shade+Bobbi brown product reviews+Bobbi brown


Sleek Fenberry Blush – It’s a dark plum shade which is tad bit  darker than Cranberry.


Sleek Blush Fenberry swatches and BOBBI brown dupe


Look how close are the twins 😛


Sleek blush Cranberry and bobbi brown Fenberry dupe


Swatches of Bobbi Brown Cranberry 03 & Sleek Fenberry :-


Sleek Blush Cranberry Fenberry swatches and dupe+bobbi brown cranberry shade+Sleek blush cranberry


There is difference in texture and longevity is more of  obviously Bobbi brown is more smooth and long staying but with this price buying Sleek is not bad at all 🙂


Do you know any other dupe of Bobbi Brown Cranberry 30?


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  1. I love the way you swatched it on ure finger tips. Real good idea!

    Lipstick is best swatched on ure finger tips as the skin of the tip and ure lips are kinda similar in texture and stuff and so u get the closest indication of how it will actually look on ure lips than when u swatch it on ure hand !!! 🙂

  2. Woww.. really close.. Sumhow I like the sleek more.. coz it will look good on my cheeks!
    BB will wash me out.. too dark i feel! :-))


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