Let’s Dupe it!: Dupe for Cargo Key Largo Blush


Hi Girls,

I was going through my blush stash last week to find some dupes.. i swatched a few of my bright blushes and was able to find a dupe for Cargo Key Largo reviewed here. Initially I thought Tarte Natural Beauty Blush may be a close dupe but when I swatched them the Tarte blush had more of a berry tinge to it.. And now for the right dupe…The dupe shade issssssss…MAC SALSA ROSE!!

my favorite pink blushes

Here are the comparative swatches.

pink blush swatches

You can read the review for MAC Salsa Rose here and the review for Cargo Key Largo here.

I personally prefer MAC Salsa Rose to the Cargo variant. Its much easier to blend. Both have the same staying power although by the end of the day Salsa Rose gives a more flattering tint whereas Key Largo fades a bit more by then. Additionally, I like the finish of Salsa Rose much better..It’s satiny and looks lovely whereas the cargo blush looks more matte in comparison.

Bright pink blush swatches

Then again there’s the point of availability where again MAC scores over Cargo. Even though Pro stores are limited, atleast we can get them through friends in those cities whereas Cargo Blushes are harder to get our hands on.

So which one would you pick girls?

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