Lets Dupe It – MAC Grape Pigment Dupe


Thanks all for liking the  Arabic makeup look from MAC grape pigment.:)

Those of you who are interested in this pretty shade and are little hesistant  in buying the whole jar  of the pigment are going to love this post  because we have discovered a dupe here 😛 .

  • MAC Pigment Grape – It’s a deep purple pigment with tad bit of silver shimmer in it which is hardly visible.
  • MAC Marvel eyeshadow – A similar purple shade with a frosty finish.It has soft similar purple colour micro shimmer in it.(It’s a limited edition)


  • MAC Grape Pigment Price –   Rs  – 1250/- INR for 4.5 gms Jar (I heard that prices are going to increase soon)
  • MAC Marvel eyeshadow – Price Rs 950 for 1.5gm


MAC Grape pigment dupe review and swatches+MAC Grape pigment dupe


Swatches – MAC Marvel eyeshadow (Up) and down is MAC Grape pigment(Down)


MAC Marvel eyeshadow swatches+MAC Grape pigment swatches, MAC Marvel eyeshadow dupe


Swatches – MAC Marvel eyeshadow (Right ) and down is MAC Grape pigment(Left)


MAC Pigment grape pigment swatches+MAC Grape pigment dupes


Do you know any other dupe of MAC Grape pigment ?


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  1. woww i will check d eyeshadow.i luv purple but dont wanna buy such a big bottle as i rarely do eyemakeup.. thankies darling :hug-makeup:

  2. Anamika if i have three options which do u think should i buy ,Diana of London lipstick pure addiction Pink Harmony , Revlon colorburst fuschia and Mac Girl about Town .If i have one can i buy the other for eg. if i have revlon fuschia can i get DOL pink harmony or will it b of the same fuschia family. Hope i have not confused u

  3. Thanx Anamika that means if i have revlon i can get DOL also it will b different ,thanx again i want to get all types of fushcia coz its my current obsession


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