Let’s Pray For Mumbai Blast Victims Today


It has been a sad evening today. Three blasts have taken place in Mumbai .My heart doesn’t allow me  to write anything  beautiful right now .My condolences to all the victims who have lost their life and their family member who have to deal with the pain of  losing the loved one throughout their life.

Prayers for mumbai blast victims today


Hope Mumbai will fight back and will cope up with this tragedy soon.




  1. My condolences to everyone there as well…

    Mumbai is a fighting city and the ppl there are inherently fighters…They will get thru this and bounce back stronger than b4..

    • i feel sad for my country ..we r ruled by a government which cant even protect us..why is there not even one bomb blast in US after9/11 .Why do we go through these incidents every now and then.

      • This is inevitable in a country like ours where people go uncared for..Even now, after this there will be a big hubaloo about terrorism and the govt will giv some evasive responses and withing a month no1 will mention it again…If we had ppl who genuinely cared then it wud be a diff issue..

        • yes when it comes to response ..its funny because i remember a woman speaking out in front of the camera.Her husband was one of the martyr in lasts Mumbai blast.She said I am sure i will go old and die but Kasab will be alive.I thought she is just being emotional but it has come out to be true.:(

          • Oh yes…She’s probably right…in our country the govt doesnt put themselves in the common mans shoes..for them as long as they
            re safe everythings ok..

            • todayi readin the papers that Kasab has 22 people around to keep a watch on him..wow !! cant we employ them in Mumbai

              • Oh no A! How cud u even suggest that?? u shud realise by now that a couple of ppl r more important than the rest of the nation..no1 cares abotu the aam janta…we r here just ainwain for TP..

                • did u read the news paper today ..i got shocked and had goose bumps seeing a truck loaded of injured.. they have thrown them in that truck one over the another as if they are some whole sale fruits ..

                  • Really? i dint see it…dint get t read the paper b4 leaving home…how insensitive ya..says alot bout how they consider us..we aint nothin but a sack of potatoes..

                    • The reason the injured were accomodated in a tempo was that there was NO time to wait for an ambulance. Had they waited, those alive in the pic (but injured) would not have lived. Thanks to the timely help, I am sure those men are breathing now.

                    • and few must be more injured..my point is why cant we have ambulances on time like other developed nation..

  2. Sad that Mumbai has to constantly live in this fear…my deep condolences to bereaved families

    My cousin lives in Mumbai..i just called her after reading this..had no clue there was a blast…

  3. Very tough day for me…my Bro is in Mumbai and I could reach him only after 8:00….my whole family was worried.It’s really sad. My condolence to all affected people. But we can’t blame government alone, there are some people from our society supporting these terrorists for their successful missions. Really sad that our country people also involved in this.

  4. I pray for everyone who is affected b this inhuman act. I pray for Mumbai, may the innocent souls rest in peace.

    I think we should step ahead and do the least part that we can do, vote for genuine people, bring out an awareness.

    • yes we all should make some or the effort which brings out the awareness.We are not even strong enough to ask our govt to hang Kasab.

  5. May their souls rest in peace. It has come as a shock esp when the memories of the previous Mumbai attack has abate…….

    • i agree Prerana .I am sure Mumbaikar are still afraid of traveling in trains and visiting 5 hotels and restaurant.

  6. Its very unfortunate that Mumbai is targeted again and again.But at the most whats going to be the Govt’s response?
    Why cant they take strict and serious stands on issues where internal security is concerned….

    I pray for the ppl who ve lost their lives in this cruel incident….Let their soul rest in peace..

  7. I am feeling very angry right now Anks! We bloody work so hard & contribute the maximum to Delhi’s coffers, and this is what we get in return? Our central & state govt can’t even assure us that we’ll reach home safe after a day at work? Our money gets wasted on stupid things like commonwealth games? Why can’t money be spent on our security? How do our politician sleep at night? Do they have no sense of responsibility?..

    • Tanz this time every one is angry .. its disheartening that people r not taking the blast seriously in other part of the country because few have died..India is a country where a life of a person is least valued..i am proud of being an Indian but these episodes shakes me..worries me about my family ..

      Infact every thing here is worrying..traffic is bad.i get scared if my husband doesn’t pick up phone..or if my dad is going on a long journey..trains r not secure..nothing just nothing is secure here..

        • its time to come out and let support those who r fighting for it..Anna hazzare and ram dev have been been treated badly by these people because they want to fight.

          what r they asking the govt..? to notto allow black money go into swiss bank, to stop corruption..

          they can attack ramdev middle of the night for security reason but they cant hang a bloody terrorist .

  8. I so agree with Zara…the way US and UK fought back terrorism is something to be applauded and our govt to feel ashamed of…we have been tagged “peace loving nation” but i think our govt is just money loving and people t\there have more interest in increasing their swiss accounts than contributing to imp things like security measures..loath such irresponsible attitude of “our” chosen people !

    • Exactly..In our country security is diff for diff ppl..Politicians will be guarded as if they were kings but the ‘prajah’ is ignored..even after such attacks nothing is done..other countries hav fought tooth and nail to catch terrorists and we just release vague statements and let thing die down and then 4get about it..

      • and when people say u must vote i don feel like doin git yaa..beit congress orBJP things have been pretty muchthe same .

  9. do u remember that a person died because he didn’t get medical help on time and the reason was our PM was traveling on that way..

    that person could have been any one of us also.

  10. एक साल बाद ऐसा भी सुनोगे,
    कि १५ अगस्त को
    आतकंवाद के डर से
    तिरंगा London मे लेहराया जायेगा….

    वाकई….. “ मेरा भारत महान “

  11. I pray for everyone :pray: :pray: :pray: …but it is really sad … that toady in 21th century we are still struggling with these cheap mentality people .. and not getting over all of this.. :-(( :-(( :pain:

  12. i just put up a silent prayer right now .. yes many of us are angry but i’d request more people to direct their anger right now to a different thing donating blood !! to all Indians.. terrorism can happen anywhere and we are so aware of it please donate blood no matter where you stay it can help anybody and anyone at any place.

  13. Adding to the point you mentioned above, (we were taking about the way injured were kept in a tempo), If I am injured, I wouldnt mind any help. We both know how much time it takes for official help to reach in India.
    All i say is, lets not push aside the efforts of some good samaritan. I have lived in Bombay all my life and I have seen heard endless cases on how people are saved just because a good samaritan was kind enough to help.

    • Hi Priti,
      we all have our own point of view and i said thanks to take what ever u said .
      yesterday i had a bad day because of this issue only with a close friend ..i thought i lost her..so i am over with this issue now .

      • Agreed. I couldnt work yesterday at all. One of my relatives was at Dadar at that time. He had to be admitted (ear injury), but is stable now. Some nice man made him sit on a bike and rushed him to nearby clinic. So his ear drums were saved!!!!
        Apologies if i sounded rude though 🙂 🙂 We, in mumbai, have become very upset aajkal 🙂 🙂

        • aare i got my lesson yesterday..u don know how upset my friend was..what ever it is..its after all our country which gets affected and every Indian feels it because they know they can be the next.


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