Life Of An Air Hostess – PART 2


Hi everyone ,

In my previous post I gave everyone an overview of what is it like to be a part of the airline industry . Today I will tell you all about the life, the pros and cons about this industry.

Air Hostess As A Career

As I said earlier an air hostess’s job is a very very tough one . You have to look presentable at all times be it 4 am or 10 pm .It can get a little monotonous but most times its fun . You get to visit many places ( that is mainly if you are in an international airline)and there are times when you wanna pull your hair out because you get so sick of the travelling .

Here I will list out the fun and not so fun things about flying !


what its take to be an airhostess in India


Advantages Of Being An Air Hostess

First lets get to the fun part!

Where do I start?

The job takes you to many places but that is more so if you fly international! On domestic routes one goes and comes back right away. The best part is meeting lots of new people and interacting with guests whom one sees on TV or in the movies and you actually get to see their real side! Salman Khan for example loves to interact with the crew and actually sits in the galley area. I have flown down then entire Indian Cricket team and our politicos also . But with such people come funny temperaments and at the end of the day one has a lot of funny stories to share.

The job of a cabin attendant is to ensure safety at all times. All crew are fully trained in first aid and what to do in the event of a crash.I have had my share of medical emergencies and rowdy passengers who get drunk and after dealing with them , the appreciation showered on you by other passengers gives quite a high.

Good money! This is what we all work for right? The money scenario in India has changed due to recession but the airlines from Gulf countries like Emirates , Etihad and all pay crazy money.. We are talking six figures here per month!

The dressing up part is fun too.The job demands that a cabin crew be well groomed at all times. That means no chipped nail paint or bleeding lipstick or smudged eyeliner. But that can get irritating at times when you r so tired that u cannot tand but still have to touch up your lipstick!!

Making a difference: Small things done for a passenger will make his or her day and one feels good about it. It could be something small like a fresh cup of coffee or speaking to them in their mother tongue if you know it! I had an old man asking for my hand in marriage to his son after he heard me speak gujju ! Lol…. yes it happened

Free travel: This is the biggest perk of an airline employee! With air travel being so expensive these days its actually fun to pay just 2500 for a staff ticket to Singapore and 5000 for the USA!These tickets can be used for spouse, children and parents. But the catch is… These tickets are on standby .. So till the time you get your boarding card you wouldn’t know if you are going or not! That sucks yes but the ticket price is sooooooo less ! The money can be spent on shopping at the destination!!!!

The not so fun part

Long and odd hours: The hours can get crazy .. Will not sugar coat this  and one has to be ready be it 4 am or  midnight.. You have to look fresh and good for the passengers

Politics: airline industry has politics like no other field!There is major groupism and its very easy to be an outcast !

In addition to this skin has to be clear at all times.. One pimple and you cannot fly till its gone. The makeup regulations are very very strict in a service industry. I have actually got into trouble for wearing pink lippie instead peach and having the wrong colour of nailpaint on! The grooming rules may feel like boot camp at times and totally kills the fun of makeup!

All in all I would like to say is every job has its pros and cons. You have to have your head firmly screwed on you shoulder in this line ! Its very easy to fall into wrong company to get ahead but then again its everywhere!


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  1. are we talking money honey ?? uff i will faint .. and what are the make -up regulations there swets ?? you seem to love bold daring lippies did you ever manage ??

  2. superb post once again :yes: and as you said every field has its pros and cons even this has and if you really love your job then its worth it 🙂

  3. very nice post shweta …..I enjoyed reading it ,even though it has long working hours but still it has its own charm . I work for emirates and here they are nice and not sooo strict with crew regarding makeup and pimples .I have seen all the world now almost but the drawback for me is i miss my family badly when i am gone away for 4 to 5 days flights … ……

  4. Oh very true.. Nice reading this post.. Even im a crew… You have put it in such a good way so all know how its done 😀 im with qatar and yes we have extreme strict rules..

  5. Lovely post shweta…
    I so much wanted to be an air- hostesses during my teens… it is such a glamorous industry.
    but with that there is alot of hard work and discipline… loved reading it 🙂

  6. Yes, of course middle eastern airlines have to pay higher salaries because they want to attract westerners. The average salary for a cabin attendant in the US & Europe for major airlines is USD$3000 a month, comparable to Emirates & Etihad. You probably start off with less than that at the begining. USD$3000 pm in the west is considered a basic middle class salary that would just about cover your rent, food, transport etc. but you would certainly not be eating out a lot or buying stuff without getting into serious credit card debt.

  7. The perks of working in middle eastern airlines , specially one’s in dubai and abudhabi are they treat the employees so well . the first day i arrived in dubai , I was given a nice fully furnished apartment , all items in kitchen , allowance , 2 days city tour with my batchmates and then the training started which was 1 nd half months .
    The salary is tax free in middle east so what ever you are earning its your not like rest of the world …wow ..ladies there is one more advantage which we enjoy is lots of off days . I don’t know about others but for us we get 5 days off in a row almost every month and then i visit my home city chandigarh . my mom always tells me , she never feels i m away from her as she knows i will be visiting her soon …my brother is in pune , she has to wait for him to visit her for 1 year but for me just 1 month … that sounds good na ..
    one more plus is in one’s free time we can pursue higher studies …. As we get so much free time after the flight …. In dubai i spend easily 12 to 15 days free, plus in layovers its 1 to 3 days for each flight .I am doing my MBA …..Lot of my friends have opened side businesses ….

    • Hello Shweta Mam 🙂 very nice post.. I loved it. I also want to be an air hostess but I have a permanent tattoo in my wrist. Last time I had a conversation with one of the crew member and she told me that tattoos are not allowed…. now wot 🙁

  8. well qatar is very strict. they require a lot of discipline. the work culture is very mixed. over 110 nationalities working here but its highly dominated by indians. we have certain shades for lipsick/ eyeshadow/ blush/ nailpaints.. etc that we can use and we can buy any brands as we like. crew prefers MAC as its long lasting espc if you are flying to australia or USA its better to have them, though orange is a strict no-no. d lipstcik should match your nail paint, or you can have dem nude or french manicure. other den dat d make up guidelines are the same as jet, emirates, ethihad, singapore,… salary is the best part in gulf, plus amazing discounts all around the world with your crew ID. extra discount on DUTY FREE 😀 … we get days off in base dat is doha and outstation. like u stay for 3 days in texas, 4 days in perth, n etc etc..
    Foundation- MAC studio fix NC 40
    Powder- MAC Blot Powder medium dark (amazing for oily skin)
    Blush- Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Rose
    LIipstick- MAC Russian Red/Craving, Sephora Red
    Lip Gloss- VS beauty rush Strawberry Fizz
    Mascara- Maybelline colossal
    Eyeliner- Maybelline colossal kajal (i use it as a liner)
    Eyeshadow base- NYX ESB02 Pearl
    Eyeshadow- NYX Daffodil/Asphalt/Dune, Jumbo eye pencil Gold
    Nail Paint- Sally hanson Shiny top coat, Revlon Red, L’oreal wishful pink/ smell the roses
    And to make sure i feel fresh when i wake up from my bunk onboard i use Body shop Vit E face mist.

  9. thanks charolette for being so generous with ur make-up regime…can u let us know the brand name of the primer..also please let me know the best place in dubai to shop for the above products…thanks….my cousin flies for kingfisher and is yet to share the products that she uses…lol

    thanks ana for this post…

  10. I am late, but which instititute did you study from, Shwetha? I was thinking of bring an airhostess too. I have completed my 12th. I am 5.25feet. Help?

  11. Hi Shweta I loved your post.
    I really really wnt to be an air hostess. Where did you do your training from? I am done with 12th this year and we have frankfinn in chandigarh. Is it good? Should I join it? I dont know anyone to guide me regarding this. Could you help me. I hope you’ll reply.


  13. It was awesome and I found it on perfect time!
    I’ve heard from a lot of people that there is no scope in this career and you can’t work after 25. Is it true?
    I’m looking forward to this and i really need some true advise
    and what course do i need to choose?
    Please write back soon ?


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