Lime Crime Controversies


Lime Crime Controversies

Ok, so there have been way too many controversies regarding Lime Crime. I came across them while researching for this post. Lime Crime is popular makeup brand which is loved especially for their bright color palette. It is owned by Xenia who goes by the moniker Doe Deere.

doe deere lime crime

I thought how ironic it was for a brand with a ‘Crime’ in name to be embroiled in so many controversies. I am not saying that any of these is right or wrong. It is a post just to make you aware about what has been happening with Lime Crime.

Repackaging Controversy

The first major controversy was that the company popular for its popping colors, actually buys pigments in bulk and simply repackages them. Not to mention that Lime Crime products are expensive. If you are repackaging some cheap stuff bought on wholesale and selling them as your own then you are definitely cheating your customers. Doe Deere came up with a video that showed her making her own pigments but that had too many flaws to be credible.

A mirror that they sold for almost $30 was available on wholesale for just $ 3.35 😛

Lime Crime got a huge backlash when people found out about the repackaging.

Stolen Ideas?

Lime Crime apparently used images from blogs and other websites on their own website without giving any credit to the original source. They also did not issue any apology when the owners of images asked them.

Their products are also said to be highly influenced by the collections of other brands.

Lime Crime Velvetine- Suedeberry

Not Standard?

Many times their products are not packaged as instructed by FDA. Many people even reported having experienced allergic reactions to Lime Crime products.

Doe Deere does not take on any controversy politely rather she prefers to use bad language about people who try to say anything negative about her brand.

Bank Fraud Controversy

This is the most recent cause of turbulence in the house of Lime Crime. Their website was hacked some time back and customer data was stolen from it even the bank details. Lime Crime customers received a letter fro the brand stating that their website was hacked between October 2014-February 2015 but not much details were provided. This happened even after Doe Deere was informed that her website was not secure enough.

Many people lost money from their accounts due to this and do you know what Lime Crime did? They did not issue any apology and instead this came out-

lime crime controversies

This is really serious. We love to shop online and such things definitely are deterrents. Now many bloggers have decided to boycott the brand. Lime Crime must have lost a whole lot of customers after this but they are definitely not bothered. Lime Crime Instagram account is private now!

Let’s see what happens next! There are many more accusations here and there. We ask you to do your research before forming your views about Lime Crime or any other brand.

Make sure that you share your views about the controversies here.

What do you think of Lime Crime controversies?

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