Lining Eyes With Coastal Scent Jet Black Eyeliner


Few days back I got up late and was in a lot of rush.I decided to do natural look and skipped eyeliner. Few hours later, when I went to the bathroom I found myself looking a little sick as I had just nothing on my eyes. Eyeliner makes such a big difference to anyone’s look that life without them seems impossible :P.When I die I would like to be buried with my smart phone and eyeliners and a few lipsticks…. …. alright and a few blushes as well ..I think then I won’t disturb any one and will be in peace with myself πŸ˜‰



how to apply eyeliner jet black



  • Price  – $1.77(It costs $2.95 but is mostly available on discount)
  • Packaging  It has a small triangular shape 6ml bottle below and a long handle with a felt tip applicator.The long handle makes application really comfortable.


Coastal scent jet black+jet black eyeliners reviews


It has a sturdy felt tip applicator and if you have a sturdy hand you will be apple to draw anything with it. I find the bottle super cute. It’s a small bottle but I have been using it since past two -three months and there is still a lot of product left in it.Full paisa-wasool thing I must say.


Jet black eyeliner coastal scents


Look how intense and glossy the swatch is .It’s completely Jet Black !




Although it doesn’t  turn out as glossy as it is in the swatch.


eyeliner ideas

My current favourite drugstore liquid eyeliner is Coastal Scent Jet black..How about you ?What are you wearing o your eyes today?

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  1. You’re so right.. I am also one of those who CANNOT skip eyeliner especially on my upper lash line. I look sick and old without it. haha :laugh: Maybelline gel eyeliner has to be my most fav. for everyday use. πŸ™‚

  2. i cant skip liner ever!i look dead..i have mastered the art of apllying liner in onew swipe so it hardly takes any time!

  3. i know..when somebody asks me how to apply eyeliner i give that stunne look..although now i am quite use to of the question as welll..

    whats on your eyes today?

    • Ana , i also asked you the same question :-(( . I bought Loreal superliner n have not been able to apply it once properly :reallypissed: :struggle:

        • Yes babes , I will practice , just that m lazy πŸ˜€ . Ana, it will be helpful to me and a lot of readers if you , Zara , Shweta n all expert ladies can list products worth buying from ebay :hug-makeup: . This way we pay shipping charges once and get the makeup from sleek, coastal scents etc.. i mean the brands not available in India .. Plz Plz :rose: :rose: :present:

  4. ur eotds are always beautiful.. πŸ˜€ me opp of u..i rarely use a liner..just curl n mascara opens my tinu minu eyes πŸ˜›

  5. Looks Just lovely on u..:)
    Does the gloss is kinda visible when u wear it for long Ana..!! and are there any other shades in this ….also like Blue…:)

  6. This is sooo reasonably priced :yes: Looking nice on u :lashes: Btw…been meaning to ask u….did u bleach ur lashes? Or is that brow powder?

  7. I thought this would b really glossy from d swatch…aaj kal I’ve bin using only maybelline hyper sharp wala…baki sab ghar par…

  8. Ana this is lovely.. this kind of appliacator makes the job so easy no?
    oh and that soft toy is cute.. is that Anvika’s soft toy?


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