Lip gloss – Colorbar Juicy Candy Lip Gloss review , swatches and photos

By Adivaah

Colorbar Juicy Candy Lip Gloss!!!

I picked up this gloss because I wanted a gloss that I could use on everyday basis , which moisturizes my lips and ; looks shiny and  chic at the same time! The SA at the colorbar counter was pushy and  wanted me to buy their blusher too but I declined because I don’t use a blush, but soon I’ll buy an economical one and do little practice before I get the perfect art of applying it because I always find it to be too tricky and  I have never dared to use it! Anyways for now I’ll go ahead with the Lipgloss review!

What does Colorbar claim about this lip gloss: “Our Juicy Candy lip gloss gives you those ultimate shiny lips with its skin conditioning and softening agents.”
Price of Colorbar Juicy Candy Lip Gloss is Rs 199 for 9ml.I bought the shade Applicious!
Other shades available are: Just berry, Minty Fresh, Raspberry Swirl, Strawberry Twist, Caramel Toffee, Orange Jus, Guava crush! (Fruit ki dukaan hai na?)
Pros of the Colorbar Juicy Candy Lip Gloss
(I)First thing that I noticed about this lip-gloss is the smell, it smells so fruity!
(2)This when applied looks like a sheer lip-gloss with just a hint of color which is quite good for daytime.
(3) The gloss is non sticky and  non-pigmented but very moisturising!
(4) It stays for at least 3 hours & more if you are not consuming food, it fades a little if you have tea or something but the lips still look moisturized & it leaves little shimmery effect.
(5) This seems to be tasteless, so no problem if you accidently or purposely taste it.
(6) This comes in the form of a tube and the nozzle of the tube is shaped such that you just need to press the tube for the amount of gloss you need & glide it like a lipstick!
(7) The packaging is cute and  can be carried in a bag.
(8) They are available in 8 shades.


Consof the Colorbar Juicy Candy Lip Gloss
(1)Doesn’t have ingredients list on the tube
(2)It’s available in 9ml so it might get used up pretty fast if you use it at least 2-3 times at work.    
    But this is just my opinion! It depends on your usage!   
(3) Some of you may find this expensive with so many lip-glosess available in the market, but I still   
     like this for the moisturizing effect!
(4) Some people may not like the shimmery look it gives after the gloss fades.
Final Word: This is a very nice shiny moisturising lip-gloss suitable for everybody! College going girls will certainly like this because this doesn’t make one look over the top & the packaging is kinda cute too!
Will I repurchase: Though I’m happy using this, but once this gets finished I want to try something else because I get bored using the same thing for long!
Do you have any recommendations for Lip-Gloss?

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