Lip gloss – Four easy lip gloss tricks

 By Nancy ,
Many of you must be crazy about eye make up but I am crazy about lip glosses. I asked Anamika if I can do a post on my lip glosses tricks and she agreed to it.I started using lip gloss when I was barely in 6th standard and I love them till date.Lip glosses can give shimmer and shine to your lips which lasts for long period. 
 Lip glosses lasting for longer period? Yes,  they do if you apply them in a correct manner.

To get nude lips I use lip gloss alone but women  who have thick lips are generally advised to use tiny amount of  lip gloss as it helps in adding more volume to the  lips. Other than making your lips appealing lip gloss protects the lips , heal them and also help the lip color to set more effectively.
How to make lip gloss last longer
By dusting  your lips with some powder makes the lip colour and gloss last longer and doesn’t let it melt easily. Best method is to apply lipstick on your lips, blot off the extra colour using a tissue paper and then apply a thin layer of powder on them. Again apply the second coat and complete the process by applying lip gloss.
If you find your lip gloss to shiny then you can tone down its colour by holding a single- ply tissue against your lips and press little loose powder through it. This will reduce the shine of the lip gloss immediately.

3.If you want to make your lips appear fuller then apply lip gloss on the center of your mouth.
4. If you want to highlight your lips especially then apply sheer silver, gold gloss over your lip shade.
Other than this I prefer using vitamin lip balms with vitamin E as they prevent my lips from drying and developing cracks. Even if I trying to give matte look to my lips I apply lip balm on them. 
If you like using lipstick daily then use the creamy lipstick of Body shop , MAC, Loreal, Lakme  or Revlon. These brands lipsticks keep lips moisturized and give wet look to your lips .
 Which is your favorite lip gloss and do you have any lip gloss tricks to share
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  1. Nice post Nancy…

    My lip gloss tip is to apply lip gloss in the middle of the lips and avoid the corners..This way lip gloss doesn't come out from the corners of your lips.


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