Lip Monthly Box Fraud|Lip Monthly Box Review


Lip Monthly Box Fraud|Lip Monthly Box Review

Hello Wise She readers,

How are you all doing!

Today I wanted to share with you all a latest instance of fraud in the name of offering monthly lip products by Lip Monthly. It happened when I read about the Lip Monthly Box service on some website. Now I am sure was paid by the Lip Monthly Team.

Talking about my personal experience it was a horrible experience for me. This company has a very bad customer service. And guess what they never ever send the products.

I have enclosed my subscription letter below and you can check that I subscribed for the 4 month subscription service. And it was really unfortunate on my part because the company is a fraud and they don’t send any products at all.

lip monthly fraud company

I fell into the trap of their attractive policy of free international shipping. So I thought of taking advantage of the great offer but who knew that the company would be such a fraud.

Delayed Service

It is clearly written in the subscription mail that the box will be sent in the month of July but even after waiting for the whole July and even August there was no response. And when I asked them about the same they kept assuring me that soon they will provide the shipping details but they never did. It took a lot of time for me to understand that a company which never sends shipping details is in no way going to send the box or products!

lip august fraud

After all this, I feel so angry and cheated because I have been trying to follow up with them for a whole month. And they have constantly shown the ignorant attitude. On top of it when I told them that I have not got any box be it July or August and I want my refund. As they have not been able to fulfill the subscription, they refused to refund the amount I spent while subscribing for the 4 month Lip Monthly Box service!

no refund

No Refund

Now, I was left with no other option than to bring this to the public reference. And also to keep all the readers well informed of such frauds companies. You all need to be aware that these Lip Monthly service from Google Search is nothing more than a fraud. So, please don’t believe the reviews regarding the same as they might be paid to write fabulous things about the company.

Please don’t fall in trap of such companies especially if you international readers. As they offer a very lucrative free shipping policy and other exciting offers to make the deal sound really worth a shot!

I feel very disgusted as I lost some $50-$55 which was my hard earned money. And for God’s sake don’t fall in the trap of the contest and the coupon code. Because s it a mere case of fraud website and nothing else! 🙁

I hope you all find it useful and always beware of such sites claiming to offer products at unbelievable prices!

Have you also come across a similar fraud site before?

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  1. I live in the fear of this very kind of fraud. Purplle once sent me a product which was one month away from expiry. Not a technical fraud, yet a fraud in a way. I am wary of international sites too. I know this means I lose out on a lot, but its really heartbreaking when that happens, because you spend so much time and effort and the money.

    • Seriously! it sometimes become a big headache .We order products and they expect us to just let it go.

      By the way never never order from Purplle they are famous for sending products which are near to expiry .
      I am not sure bui heard Nykaa too is like that therefore i don order from them as well.

      • I know we buy online to save us the time to go to a shop and purchase, but increasingly I am seriously considering going back to physical shops. With so many beauty supply stores in Mumbai, I really should not be taking near expiry products. Nykaa has given me decent products so far, but their offers can be deceptive. They once had a buy one get one offer so I bought a big bottle (200ml upwards) of body lotion from them, they gave me a 15gm cream jar as the buy one get one. Probably should have called it buy one get other offer. I no longer even look at the offers page on their site.

        • This offer thing is with all the companies..MRP 550 and they say its of 800 and are giving us 50% off..You can literally check the MRP when the product reaches us..I dont know what they think while doing this on their site.

  2. Oh god! This is so heartbreaking! 🙁
    Anamika, remember i shared with you my Freedom makeup Revolution haul thing?
    They offered free international shipping too; and man, were their products cheap!
    But the products did not come to me for about 2 months, and on complaining they gave me all sorts of tracking numbers. on enquiring at the customs and stuff, they told me that the shipping company i was being told never existed, and the customs had no such company on their list!
    that was so heartbreaking, i tell you!
    But, on threatening them with a legal action against the brand, they refunded my money in just 2 days! inclusive of the taxes, that is!
    but this lip monthly thing is dreadful! 🙁

    • Even I had ordered makeup revolution stuff few months back, it was definitely harrowing experience, we got our stuff in 25 days, but we had to pay lots of customs and many products arrived broken, MR did not refund us 🙁

      • Did you do a collective haul? Quite an interesting idea, it is anyhow!
        you get to divide the shipping costs too that way!

        • Yes dear, me and two other people ordered, I am never going to order from their site, i will rather buy those from Flipkart or jabong, I know they dont stock all stuff, but still many they do

  3. OMG 50 $ is way too much 🙁 and I never expected they would not send products at all ! am horrified reading it ,never knew such fraud companies do exist.

    • Yup! even i never expected that..

      But imagine no shipping details ? I expected atleast to let me know if they shipped the product to me

  4. OMG….Such a fraud company!
    Don’t understand why do they cheat people like this…. Did you try filing a dispute via your bank to get the money back..I once ordered a bag from aliexpress and my order was cancelled as it was oos. Company claimed they gave refund, I never got it…When I enquired with the bank, I was told, no refund came to my account and bank asked me to take the refund ID from the seller which the seller never gave!

    Finally, my bank helped me get my money back 🙂 They just took 2 days to give the money back to me!

    • Hi Renji!

      Its heart breaking probably i will do this ..Its tiring doing all these things but i would like to get my money back.

      Thanks for letting me know

  5. OMG… Such a big fraud!!! This is the main reason because of which I don’t order from international websites!!! Contact your bank… They should be able to help you out 🙂

  6. Yup $50 is too much. You should go to bank to get your money back. After all, it’s ur hard earned. Renji gave a good suggestion. Why do people do like this. :/

  7. you must share the website url ,also you can share the url with malwarebytes team who can look and make people aware of such scams.we dont know how many people they lure and fool every passing minute

  8. OMG Anamika I’m going thru the same exp I booked my
    Bag in the month of June n haven’t received it yet n my payment was done thru my credit card n the most amusing part it the subscription is Auto renewable I booked it only for the month of June…but alas by the 11th of July I was charged again I guess it’s for the bag of July…I was startled at first thn whn I read in their site it says Autorenewable…I saw mny vidoes on Utube which sounded so promising n look at the disaster it led me in..,,honestly gals plz don’t lure yourself into these kinda pranks,,,LIPMONTLHY is definitely a fraud company promising seducing stuff at amazing prices.,,I had too send many mails to them asking for a refund I got the same response you got….I wish I could nail them..,get job on posting this Anamika if not many would be lured into their scam

    • omg! i am going to just go and check the auto renewal thing sorted out..How can they save information and get auto renewal done ..

      This is like a big time fraud company ..

  9. Such a shame. I hv read good reviews about this box but it is a fraud service. I have quit purplle bt still shop from nykaa. And u r right I got two near expiry products from nykaa bt ignored it 🙁

  10. wish i would have found this. july was supposed to be my first bag… they shipped it out the 31at and to IRELAND I AM IN CANADA WTF…… they already charged me and my sis for 2 bags and neither of us got anything… i am about to just call the police or something

  11. That’s horrible. :O I hope you get your refund back soon. After reading your post I went to check out their site and while reading their Terms and Conditions, I came across this paragraph.

    Online material on is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We make no representations or warranties of any kind (express or implied) as to the operation of this site or the information, content, or services included on or otherwise made available through By using, you expressly acknowledge and agree that your use of this website is at your own risk.

    Seriously ” at your own risk “. -_- No trustworthy company would add this in their terms and conditions. Plus, I couldn’t find anywhere on their site location of their headquarters. So basically we do not even know where do they operate from. This company is a definite fraud.

      • I know that Anamika. 🙂 Indeed I also rely on blogger’s review before ordering anything online. Honestly, I very rarely read Terms and Conditions. It was just after reading your post, I decided to go through site and chance upon the Terms and Conditions part. And found that gem of the paragraph. I merely posted it here, so that anyone who would read your post and comments should know what actually this site is offering to their customers.

  12. I love my lip monthly. I have been a subscriber for about a year now. I have never had an issue. I even have received free bags for referring friends. I am in no way a representative for lip monthly.!! I have seen this spammed all over their Facebook page so I decided to check it out. You and many others have had a horrible experience there’s no doubt in that. I hope you get it resolved quickly. I personally will be keeping my lip monthly. As with all my subscription bags I always check my bank statements! Never had an issue with double charging. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones I don’t know but I love my bags!. Good Luck Ladies.

  13. Just wanted to share my pearls of wisdom from 5+ years of non-stop online shopping –
    1. Buy using Paypal wherever possible cos they have an easy to use transaction-dispute service. I’ve found that merchants who normally dont respond when you email them, respond faster via Paypal when you’ve opened a dispute.

    2. All Credit cards have a dispute and resolution process. Make sure when you call them up to mention clearly that you’re disputing the transaction – find the transaction id from your credit statement while you do it. Give them enough proof and track it.

    3. Don’t wait too long before you raise a dispute. If it says shipping takes 15-20 days, start an email chain with the company on 21st day and if no response in 48 hours [a usual business std] escalate it to your bank. No response actually means you’ve a good case to fight.

  14. Hi Anamika,

    Just read your post.. I also ordered Lip monthly bag on 3rd July but did not receive any.
    And yesterday when I read your post I surfed through their FB page. There everybody has written that who ever ordered the July bag have not received it yet. For the first time, it takes approximately 2 months for the bag to come. They normally ship after 15th of every month.

    Also, I got the email from lipmonthly yesterday only that my bag has been shipped and will reach within 7-10 working days.

    I thought of sharing the whole experience with you. So may be you also will get the shipping details for your bag.

    Hope this helps !

  15. Hello Anamika,

    i would really appreciate if you could share this on your blog.

    I ordered from Lip monthly for July and August bags. Its December now and nothing to show for it. When i asked them for refund, they said they can only refund 1 months amount which is total fraud. I thought something better than nothing and told them to refund whatever they can. And now, it has been almost a month and they are not even responding to my mails, leave aside the 1 month refund that they promised. And for some reason, i do not get the option to comment on their FB page.

    I would please request you to add this on your blog and share on FB because they cannot keep scamming people like this.

    Thank you


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