Lip treatment – Body Shop hi- shine lip treatment (Product review, swatches and pictures)

 Body shop hi shine lip treatment 

I had a long weekend this time and I am little tired today.There are few things which brightens me when  I look tired and one of them  is Lip gloss.

I got this Body shop lip gloss some 6-7 months ago (You can figure it out by its condition I guess :D:D). I have used it so many times in my looks and it is my personnel favorite when I feel down and tired.

This is what the product claims – Keep your lips lustrous and conditioned with a passion fruit-scented gloss that features the perfect hint of color.

Best for: all skin tones

What it is designed to do:
Pearl pigments give lips a glimmering finish.
Provide effective hydration with an ultra-glossy, dermatologist-approved formulation that is long-lasting and non-sticky.
Moisturizing Community Trade marula oil from Namibia helps to repair skin’s moisture barrier, leaving lips soft and supple.


    Price of Body shop Hi shine lip treatment is Rs 575

    “Raised eyebrows” :D:D
    I got 02 Mauve dream for myself .There are 9 colours as per the body shop website.
    Juicy Peach Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

    Perfectly Pink Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

    Pink CreamHi-Shine Lip Treatment

    02 Mauve DreamHi-Shine Lip Treatment

    Bronze BeamHi-Shine Lip Treatment

    Red GleamHi-Shine Lip Treatment

    Party Pink Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

    Coral Spice Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

    Cherry Glimmer Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

    My experience with the product :-
     I bought it thinking that it is a lip treatment but it is more of a gloss but I just love the gloss in it.
     What I like about body shop lip gloss
     1, It smells like a passion fruit which I truly love.
    2. It doesn’t dry my lips and stays for long on them.I don even need a lip balm if I use this one.It actually seems to moisturize my lips.
     3. It has no sparkle in it and therefore it is perfect for every day use.
    4. My lip gloss is not very pigmented so I almost land up using it on all my lipstick.Though it does change the colour of my lipstick but I so like the subtle shine which it adds to my lips
    5. It comes in a tube form and it is easy to carry anywhere.
    6 . One tube is going to last forever.
    7 . It is very smooth and easy to apply on lips .Just like lip balm              

                                   Swatches of Body shop hi shine lip treatment

    It gives a nice shine to my lips and make me smile when I am tired and not interested in much of work
    Dislike -It doesn’t come with a brush and there is no lip treatment .
    2. I find it expensive

    This is me with the Body shop -hi shine lip treatment and my Body shop coliur glide lip colour ..Sorry guys not put on much make up today       

    Hope I  get over with my Monday morning blues soon   

    Your neighborhood friend



    1. Bhumika..thanks so much ..but u know it is expensive but it soothes and moisturize your a glossy effect and it gives a nice fresh and icy feeling to your lips too..

      so do try it out when u visit body shop once..

    2. Makeup or No make-up, you always rock girl!!! Pimples….what pimples….Sridevi se lekar Dimple tak ko kabhi na kabhi pimple hota hi hai…so chill..!!

    3. Sigh ! Body Shop Products ! I can't have enough of them. Sometimes I think I go to office and work only so that I can earn enough to buy Body Shop Products ! Love almost everything in their little stores

    4. Makeup or No make-up, you always rock girl!!! Pimples….what pimples….Sridevi se lekar Dimple tak ko kabhi na kabhi pimple hota hi hai…so chill..!!

    5. ha ha ha. its one of many things that make a woman tolerable to anything that gets thrown at her. I love reading ur blog, tired or not tired, pimple or no pimple…. my day doesnt end without a visit to ur blog. am fascinated with it…<3


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