LipIce Color Hotty Pink Review and Swatches


LipIce Color Hotty Pink Review and Swatches

Hi Gals :heart:

So how many of you want a lip balm which has color as pigmented as lipstick!!! 😀 I will stand on my toes and raise my hand first. 😛 I work in a place where not a hint of makeup is seen in good sense; not even jeans and tops are seen in good sense. :-|I am having a wardrobe catastrophe as I have just two kurtas which reminds me I have to go shopping. 😀 Ayeee am diverting from the topic 😛 So where was I… oh yup as I was saying makeup is a devil there but I have never gone out without lipstick on my lips so I started looking for a pigmented tinted lip balm and that’s when LipIce Micro Shine Color Hotty Pink caught my eyes. :angel:

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lipice lip color micro shine hotty pink review and swatches+lipice reviews

About LipIce Color Hotty Pink

LipIce Micro Shine Color not only treats your lips but also provides you with vivacious, fresh and seductive lips.


  • LipIce Color with a burst of spectacular color that keeps your lips soft, smooth and nourished.
  • Enriched with Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil that provide ample moisture to lips while giving a smooth and even finish.
  • Enhanced with high moisturising formula that keeps lips soft, smooth and nourished.
  • Fortified with Micro Shine Granules that give your lips a sparkling glow.
  • It comes with UV protection that guards your lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  • Does not smudge and transfer to teeth.

Shine on… Flirt on… With LipIce Color!

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lipice lip color micro shine hotty pink review and swatches+lipice micro shine review

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  • Quantity: 2.3 gms
  • Price:  INR 200(It’s available on discount at
  • Ingredients: Refer to the pic below 🙂
lipice lip color hotty pink ingredients+moisturizing lipbalm

My Experience with LipIce Color Hotty Pink

  • Packaging– It comes in a cardboard packaging with complete product details printed at the back. I love the casing of the lip balm with cute little stars in silvery moonlit sky. :star: The casing is quite sturdy and the cap shuts tightly, so no fear of cap popping out and your things in the purse painted pink while travelling. 😛
lipice lip color hotty pink review+pigmented lipbalm
  • Shade– The shade is true to its name…it’s a Hot Pink. When I first opened it I never thought that it would be so much pigmented but I was in for a surprise it came out as hot pink on my lips, totally love it. :inlove: I don’t like shimmers in my lippies so when I saw the shimmers in tube I was dishearten but somehow miraculously the shimmers are not that prominently visible on lips. It just gives a nice sheen; your wont lips won’t twinkle like a crazy star. 😀

You  can notice the difference between my wrist swatch, finger swatch and on my lips. I guess the color comes out according to one’s skin tone, as I have pigmented lips it comes out as deep hot pink. 🙂

LipIce Color Hotty Pink Swatches

lipice lip color micro shine hotty pink swatches+best mosturizing tinted lipbalm

lipice lip color micro shine hotty pink swatches+tinted lipbalm

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  • Moisturizing Ability– The lip balm is quite moisturizing and keeps the lips soft and supple but don’t expect this to heal your chapped lips. The moisturizing effect is temporary and stays for max 2 hours.
  • Staying Power– The staying power is decent for a lip balm… let’s not forget even if its pigmented like a lipstick it’s not a lipstick 😀 …max the color stays for 1 hour on my lips, after that it fades into a nice light pink tint.

All in all am in totally love with this idea of pigmented lip balm. It perfect for college goers as it keeps lips moisturized and also gives nice color. The staying power is ok types but I don’t mind reapplying. 😉

LipIce Color Hotty Pink Lip Swatch


lipice lip color hotty pink review+lipice micro shine – hotty pink lip swatches


Lip swatch is not that good as it was difficult to capture the color! 🙁

What I like about LipIce Color Hotty Pink:-


  • Hot pink shade which will suit all skin tones
  • Cute travel-friendly packaging
  • Glides onto lips easily
  • Shimmer is not chunky or gritty
  • Moisturizes well and keeps lips soft and supple
  • Has UV protection
  • Comes in a variety of shades

What I don’t like about LipIce Color Hotty Pink:-


  • SPF is not mentioned, so don’t know how much protection it provides.
  • Staying power could have been better… nothing can satisfy gals…we want more! 😛

Will I repurchase & recommend LipIce Color Hotty Pink- Yes definitely!! Gals do try out am sure you will love the hot pink 😉 and am gonna try the other variants also. Greedy Me! 😀


Have you tried LipIce Color Hotty Pink?


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  1. Tulipssssssss! my sympathies about the office thing, I used to think my office was bad but yours takes the title away!

    btw, the last pic came out fab :-))

  2. waah balm thats pigmented like a lippie..ive fallen in love with ur lips..saaaachi..i think they make any lippi product look good…

  3. omgggggggggggggg!! is this is a LIPSTICK Or Lipstain>??? Freakkyyyyyyy..this is superb pigmented… 😯

    Looks hot on U… Tupsi!! :lipstick: :inlove:

  4. hope my whistle wud b heard.. :lipstick: :inlove: .!!!! gr8 color n luks fab on u :yes: :kissblow: :dance-left-right: :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll:

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