LipIce Color Pouty Pink Review and Swatches


LipIce Color Pouty Pink Review and Swatches

Lip_Ice_Color_Pouty_Pink_Review and Swatches+ pink sheer lip balm

Hello My Ladies,

Today, I am going to review on Lip Ice color in Pouty Pink after using Lip Ice lip color in sheer pink, the classic version which was HUGE HIT. I couldn’t control getting this one as soon as I got to know Lip Ice has come up with more interesting variants of lip tint/lip balm. I am a true LIP BALM lover by heart. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Lipsticks and Lip Gloss Too. One thing is for sure Colored lip balm companies are earning a lotttttttttttt, all because of me, I keep buying tinted lip balms from all the possible brands even any tom, dick, harry ones. You never know which one would become your HG..Isnt it?? So me hunting all the time like this, Common Problem .


Lip_Ice_Color_Pouty_Pink_Review and Swatches+pink lip balm sheer

Coming to this tinted lip balm, I simply loved the classic version of sheer pink lip ice color and this pouty pink is a mini lip gloss I feel. Initially I enjoyed it but later on I realized something is missing…..


The details about the Lip Ice color Pouty Pink is all mentioned in the picture so I did not feel the need to re write it.

  • Price – Rs. 200/- It’s available here


Lip_Ice_Color_Pouty_Pink_Review and Swatches+sheer lip balms coloured glossy


My Experience with Lip Ice color in Pouty Pink :-

Like I said, this is like a mini lipgloss because it has sheer pink color with gold shimmer which is quite prominent on the lips. I had mixed feelings with the shimmer in a lipbalm, coz initially I loved it but after sometime when the shimmer started to settle in my fine lines leaving lips fully dry, I started hating it. I like the fact they tried to bring a new concept by adding shimmer but I think it’s an epic fail concept to add shimmer in a lipbalm coz then they had compromised on the moisturizing ability of the lip tint/balm. With the original lip Ice color sheer pink color my lips looked soft, smooth, luscious pink in color. And I felt like re applying it because of the smoothness and the lovely pink color . Also, even though  after sometime ,the color vanishes with the classic sheer pink Lip ice color, my lips were still soft and smooth and not dried up. Which happened with the pouty pink lippy. The packaging is damn cute but the quantity and quality at the price is not upto the mark. The shimmer looks too chunky on my lips. And also I might as well buy a lip gloss if I wanted shimmer and all in my lip balm. Its too pricey for a lip balm I feel.


Swatches Of Lip Ice Color Pouty Pink :-


Overall, I feel its good to try this out for fun! But I will stick to the original version of Lip ice lip color for the reason being its more moisturizing and looks lovely! Sorry for not showing u my lip swatches this time as my cam couldnot do justice to lip color shade and the shimmers were looking hazy .

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What I like about Lip Ice color in Pouty Pink:-

  • Cute packaging
  • Lovely pink tint
  • Looks nice for first 30mins
  • In a stick form, so no need to dip ur fingers
  • Very handy

What I dislike about Lip Ice color in Pouty Pink :-


  • Pricey
  • Visible tacky shimmers
  • Dries up my lips after sometime
  • Not the kind of lipbalm which can be worn under lipsticks
  • Lack of moisturization as compared to the original sheer pink Lip Ice color

Will I re purchase Lip Ice color in Pouty Pink : –


Well its fun to try it for the first time!  But its not  re purchase material I feel! I love the original LIP ICE COLOR in sheer pink more!!!

Have you tried LipIce Color Pouty Pink?

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  1. Lipice is coming with nice sheer shades, That day I really loved the swatch of naughty orange, this one is pretty too! Hey erica, you have an awesome put, you could have posted a lip swatch! :yes: :inlove:

    • I knw..Manya!! but the think is naa..I cudnt capture the shimmers with my cam and the lipbalm is wasnt look good..thats y never took a picture of my lips!

      Thanx 4 the compliment thou! :-)) :hug-makeup:

  2. nice review
    but i dont prefer lipblam with shimmers…
    i can tell its ur review without reading name,but by looking at pics… :yippee:
    u really rockkk…. :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll:

    • not really a DUD ..Shivangi!

      But i wud say a liptint or lipbalm with shimmer doesnt really work and if u do ..make sure dont compromise on the moisturizing power of the lipbalm which originally is the reason for everyone’s re purchase! :-))

    • yea like me…Nafi!!

      i mean u might as well make a lipgloss den…shimmers V dont mind until its over powering lipbalms :-/

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