Lipice Micro Shine Flirty Mauve Review & Swatches


Lipice Micro Shine – Flirty Mauve Review & Swatches

Hi beauties

Today I’d be reviewing Lipice Lip balm in shade Flirty Mauve, which is mauve as the name suggests. This is my first lipice product, although I saw its ad and stuff but never got prompted to buy one for me; however with this I broke my hesitation.

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lipice micro shine – flirty mauve review & swatches+lipice micro shine review

  • Price: INR 200/-
  • Quantity: 2.3gms

About Lipice Micro Shine – Flirty Mauve


lipice micro shine – flirty mauve review & swatches+lipice micro shine color


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My Take on Lipice Micro Shine Flirty Mauve:-


  • Packaging: It comes packed inside a cardboard thingy, which has all the details at the back. The lip balm though doesn’t have any much details on it except the bottom which has the name of the shade. It comes in a twist form, and the packing is sturdy enough.
  • Shade: The shade is an intense blue-based purple-plumy shade, which totally makes my lips look dark and aged. Infact with this lip balm, I have to be a little gently not to over apply it, because it gets really intense and almost dark purple on me (booooh I have pigmented lips !) I’m not a big fan of this lip balm, since I feel it’s too dark for being a lip balm, it would have been great if it was just a tint.
  • Staying power: It starts on really dark and intense with a little shine, but gradually starts fading within half an hour and fades after an hour or so. The max it stayed on my lips was 2hrs. That’s ok, if you consider it as a lip balm, but I consider it more as a lipstick (being soo pigmented, and price and also the quantity is less). The good thing is that it doesn’t transfers to teeth (that is one of its claim).
lipice micro shine – flirty mauve review & swatches+moisturizing lipbalm

Lipice Micro Shine – Flirty Mauve Swatch & Lip Swatch

Following is the swatch & on my lips I’ve applied it really gently:-

lipice micro shine – flirty mauve swatches+pigmented lipbalm

Final verdict: – It’s a nice pigmented lipstick in a form of lip balm, with added benefits of UV protection. But I doubt if anyone would want dark vampy purpley lips. The staying power is ok-ish, and it moisturizes well till the time its on lips. I would not purchase it.

Rating: 3.5/4

Have you tried Lipice Micro Shine – Flirty Mauve?


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    • bhabs since u dnt hv much pigmented lips, acha lgega 🙂 its not glossy or greasy like lip balms, but not evn drying, beech me hai kahin :beatup: :rotfl:

  1. I like mauve shades.. love this color more.. will buy this.. i dont get this brand here.. let me pick this during my vacation to india.. 🙂

  2. Whoah…this looks so pigmented even when worn lightly! This looks pretty similar to TBS born lippy lip balm stick in Plum na Upsi?

    • yup exactly, its more like a lipstick with benefits of balm, although the texture isn’t like a full-on lip balm, its between a lipstick and balm

  3. i love lipice but not this color def. the one that i own in lipice is the sheer color n jus love it to the core.. :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

  4. I got this shade, but it doesnt look as pigmented on my lips. Guess it shows differenty on everyone…and i quite liked this range of Lip Ice.

  5. I didn’t find any wrong with this shade. looks quite good in the swatch.
    doesn’t it look good with one swipe?
    I had got natural and strawberry lipice balms from H&G on buy 1 get one offer last month. I quite like it.

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