Liquid Liners Vs Eye Pencils Vs Gel Liners


Liquid Liners Vs Eye Pencils Vs Gel Liners

Which one do you use?
Which is easiest to use?
Which stays longer?
What looks better for natural everyday look?
What works better when I want a bolder look?
Which one is easy to create a winged liner?

These are just few of the questions that people usually ask me, not only them, these are the questions that I ask myself as well before going to buy any new liner. With so many different types of liner available in the market, I always get confused which one to choose.

So here is a guide that will highlight the positive and negative points of the three best types of eyeliners available in the Indian market, i.e liquid, pencil and gel.

Lets have a look.

Liquid Liners


Bourjois Liner Glitter Fizz Liquid Eyeliner Nuit Etoilee


What so Good?

  1. Wide range of colors.
  2. Different tips. Brush, felt tip applicator and many others, you can choose which works for you best.
  3. Precise in creating thin and intense lines.
  4. Works for dramatic looks as well.
  5. Comes in waterproof, water resistant formulas, thus they can be long staying.
  6. They can be insanely pigmented or can have average-poor pigmentation as well.


must have liquid eyeliners coastal scents


Not so Good:

  1. Might be difficult for beginners as they need steady hands.
  2. Though a very few liquid liners can be applied below waterline, but none of them are suitable for waterlines.

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Eye Pencils


Chambor Dazzle Eye Pencil Black


What so Good?

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Wide range of colors.
  3. Different textures.
  4. Easy to smudge for a smoky look.
  5. Can be used both on upper lash line and lower lash line.
  6. Comes with waterproof and long staying properties, thus some of them can stay almost throughout the day.
  7. They can be insanely pigmented or can have average-poor pigmentation as well.

Not so Good:

  1. Difficult to draw thin strokes of lines.
  2. Unless, they have the magical long staying properties, they often smudge and fade easily.
  3. Needs to sharpen, which leads to product wastage. Some of them are retractable though 😛

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Gel Liners


Coastal scents gel eyeliners brush


What so Good?

  1. Wide range of colors.
  2. Can be used both on upper lash line and lower lash line.
  3. Usually well pigmented.
  4. Most of them are long, like very long staying.
  5. Can be smudged for a sultry look, but should be smudged as soon as applied.
  6. Great for creating lines of any width and shape.

Not so Good:

  1. May dry up fast in the jar.
  2. Needs steady hand.
  3. Brush applicator. So it might be a problem for someone who isn’t comfortable with brushes.

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My Favorites:

All of them. Yes, it all depends from person to person and I personally need all of them in my vanity. They all have positive and negative aspects and I am happy with all of these varieties. My choice of liners depends on that particular situation and on the look I am going for.

When I want soft, natural, everyday look with just some dash of kohl, I go for a pencil liner, as it’s much easier to use, blend and smudge. A dash of color on lower lash-line with my favorite pencil works well too.

Sometimes I prefer liquid liner as it is much easier to get close to the lash line for a cleaner look. Thin strokes or “cat eyes” or winged look, love liquid liners too. I opt for gel liners when I have to stay out for almost the whole day or when I have to create dark, bold, heavily rimmed eyes. It stays intact for hours and hours.

So, basically I need them all. Different situation, different looks, different needs and different eyeliners.

See, I couldn’t choose a single one out of them. Can you?

Which is your favorite eyeliner type?

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  1. My favorite is gel liner 😊 but I have started with liquid one on my school days. Now I use three types of them as you all do. But gel liner is more elegant.

  2. Nice post ! I love all kinds of liners, as some have many wide range colors, some have finish that i like, so overall i jusss love eye liners <3

  3. For me, it’s eyeliners and eye liners…. be it pencil, gel or liquid…. they all work perfect for me. Just depends on how and what time I am using them. Loved the post 🙂


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