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Makeup is our birthright. Yes! Every girl on this planet loves makeup and no one can stop us from doing makeup and looking beautiful. And the most important day in a girl’s life, when she wants to look her best, is her wedding day and for that special day, we all want the best from our vanity.

Kryolan is a brand that is always manufacturing some great makeup products which are considered “the best” some beauticians for any bridal look. Also, we can use their products, on a daily basis, if we love them to the core. So all of you who want to buy Kryolan products for yourself and wondering what to buy and what not to, don’t look further! We have compiled the best of Kryolan products in a post. So scroll down!


Kryolan Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush bridal look

Top 20 Kryolan products:

Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage cream:


It is a colour corrector range that is meant to cover different imperfections in your skin. There is an orange colour corrector for correcting dark circles and this is a green colour corrector that is used to cover acne and pimple redness. This is a medium to full coverage colour corrector that is ideal for people with very deep imperfections. People with very deep under eye darkness or redness can grab this one and cure with this professional corrector.

Kryolan Dermacolor Palette:

Kryolan Dermacolor Palette review

price: 4500/- for 80 gms

This foundation is the best for the bridal makeup because it can conceal every single thing. Infact, it can conceal tattoo and all kind of pigmentation. It’s easy to find your shade as so many shades of foundations are available there.Staying power of the foundation is pretty good and last for around 12 hours.

There are a variety of colours to suit every skin tone. There are a variety of corrector shades that can be used for correcting all the flaws and this makeup palette provides a high coverage which is really a pro.

You can find the whole review of the palette here

Kryolan Glamour Glow power Blush palette:

Kryolan Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush Palette

Kryolan Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush Palette swatch

Kryolan Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush Palette swatches

Kryolan Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush Palette shade

The blush palette has 8 stunning bridal blush shades which are perfect for any occasion! There are about 4 variations int he blush shades and one may choose the shades which will mostly go with their skin tone if they are buying for personal use! For professional makeup artists, a blush palette may be used over various clients! Read the full review Here

Kryolan Eye primer:

best primer

The primer is mainly white in colour but actually, when applied on the eye crease it tends to be colourless and transparent! It is light weight and non-greasy or sticky! It is quite perfect for a flawless and effortless eyeshadow application! Read the full review here

Kryolan False lashes:

kryolan upper eyelashes haul


kryolan upper eyelashes TV5

These eyelashes are super soft and at first look, these makes one wonder it to be real! It doesn’t appear to look false eyelashes and looks absolutely natural.  The eyelashes TV5 is very natural looking and can be easily worn on any given day or occasion! Read the full review Here

Kryolan shimmering highlighter and foundation:

how to apply highlightr

As the name suggests, this is a shimmering foundation cum highlighter which is mainly to used to give a boost to the face by enhancing the features of the face. The product is dark beige in color and has shimmer well infused to give that shiny finish on the skin! Read the full review Here

Kryolan Makeup Blend Mixing medium:

Kryolan Makeup Blend Mixing Medium info

The makeup blend is colourless fluid just as water and any tint with it would not justify it to be used universally on different skin tones! The texture looks as that of a runny consistent fluid which is mainly used to give super blend-ability to the cream foundation or cream based makeup products like concealer, blushes used for makeup. Read the full review Here

Kryolan Derma Colour Orange Corrector:

color correctors review

The derma colour orange corrector by Kryolan is very creamy in texture and has quite thick consistency. This is an orange corrector that can be used before your foundation routine to cover up the imperfections. It can be used to hide your dark circles and blemishes. Read the full review Here

Kryolan 24 aquacolour wet makeup palette :

Kryolan 24 Aquacolor wet makeup palette

Kryolan just simply calls it a makeup palette which has 24 amazingly gorgeous colours which are glycerin based and are highly pigmented. The intriguing part is that the palette has some nude, skin tones, and goes up to having bright greens, purples, blues and reds. A multi-purpose palette, right?

Kryolan Dermacolor Fixing Spray:


This makeup fixing spray is really good for those who don’t want their makeup to budge at all and are not fond of reapplication. This fixing spray keeps the makeup smudge proof for 10 -12 hours and one needs just very less amount of it. It does not cause breakouts and keeps skin looking fresh.

Kryolan Professional Makeup Ultra Underbase:


It is white in colour and feels like a lotion. It is neither runny nor thick but spreads well, gets absorbed quickly. It leaves skin soft and hydrated. The skin feels smooth but not buttery. It might not suit oily skinned girls but will definitely suit all other skin types. The primer makes skin fresh and absolutely prepped for makeup.


Kryolan Eyebrow palette:

Kryolan Eyebrow Palette

We all want to post selfies with the hashtag #browgamestrong, that’s the hottest trend after all. And to genuinely keep your brow game strong, Kryolan has just the perfect palette for your eyebrows. Almost all colours are apt for Indian hair and the texture is perfect for naturally-done looking brows. No streaky line, I promise!


Kryolan Shimmering Vision Interferenz palette:

kryolan palette variety shades

You just cannot beat the glory of this palette. I was never into shimmers, but the swatches for this palette have made me yearn for shimmers now. Perfect shade, just the perfect amount of finely milled shimmer, gorgeous texture, amazing perfection and a huge quantity. Surely worth the price you are paying for!


Kryolan Eyeshadow Golden Pink:

Kryolan Eye Shadow Golden Pink

This colour is simply love! It can be worn by any kind of outfits and looks best during the wedding day. This is a small packaging which can be carried on the go and the best thing about it is that it can be doubled up as a blusher. Love this colour!

Kryolan HD 18 Micro cream foundation makeup palette:

Kryolan HD 18 Micro Cream Foundation Makeup Palette

This foundation palette is just a wonder for a professional makeup artist. It becomes so difficult for a makeup artist to work on different colours and complexion shades but with a palette like this, it becomes so easy. It has 18 different colours to suit every skin tone and mind it, every skin tone is beautiful in its own colour!

Kryolan Lip Rogue set:

Kryolan Lip Rouge Set

This is for all lipstick lovers. A set full of 5 different colours of lipsticks – How can we miss this especially if this is at a wedding? This is a multi-purpose palette and can be used while travelling as you don’t need different colours to carry in your kitty.

Kryolan Supracolor Foundation:


This is a creamy foundation that provides medium to full coverage. This foundation priced at 200 INR is really pigmented and stays on in hot and humid weather for long. This is a photography friendly foundation and it provides no white cast or it doesn’t oxidise. A perfect foundation for brides!

Kryolan Invisible Matte Matting Cream:


This primer has the feel of a moisturiser. Upon application and spreading, it glides on easily then you will notice that it starts to become sticky, which is the sign that it’s about to settle on your skin. It doesn’t become sticky or turns your face sticky. Let it dry for 2 mins. then you can apply the foundation on your face. It takes some time for primer to totally settle on your face. After it settles, your skin looks dewy. This product keeps skin hydrated and moisturised. The face looks same after 8 or 9 hours.

Kryolan Premium Lining Brush 9502:


It is a very good brush. The bristles are soft on your eyelids. It doesn’t bleed, shed. It has optimum bristles that gives a perfect crisp line every time. It can be used to draw both thick and fine lines. The brush is easy to clean and is perfect for the lips too.



Kryolan Perfect matte primer:

kryolan primer reviews

This is the primer from the house of Kryolan. This primer is the perfect base for your makeup and doesn’t let your foundations be cakey or anything. This primer holds on your makeup for the longest time and is a perfect primer for the weddings.

Kryolan TV PAint Stick:

This is the stick foundation from Kryolan that blends like a dream and gives no issues once it has all blended just with a beauty blender.

And with this. we come to the end. We can give a bride her dream look using Kryolan products and surely her fairytale wedding will come true. A bride is happiest on her D-Day and only a professional makeup artist with some professional makeup can make her happiest.

Kryolan Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush bridal look


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