List Of Essential Oils And Their Uses


List Of Essential Oils And Their Uses

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Essential oils are the talk of the town! Everybody is raving about how wonderful results they have got by using some or the other essential oil! Be it skin or hair, essential oil is the purest form of any particular ingredient and certainly has and effective action when used for the concerns related to overall health and beauty!

It is strange as to how a tiny bottle of an essential oil is so expensive and is capable of creating wonders? There is something about it that even the celebrities are often heard raving and talking about their cult favorite essential oil for a natural glow on the skin!

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We often love to spend on new things, with modernization nowadays people have started attaching themselves more with nature and have started believing more to go sober and natural. Then why not these essential Oils?

In market you will find varieties of brands which deal in these oils and it totally depends on you that which range you wish to chose. This is something which everybody can afford easily and trust me you will find essence in every product.

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What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are basically the natural oils which are being used from thousands of years for cosmetic purposes and for spiritual purposes.

With careful steam distillation and by cold pressing, oils are extracted from the plants. So whenever you are using any essential oil, you will feel amazing as you are using nature’s purest essence. If the process is so enriching, imagine how effecting it would be.

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From hundreds of Essential Oils, listed are the six most effective and easily available ones. I have majorly picked those which have the best characteristics and are pocket friendly.

Carrot Seed

The remark ability of this Oil is fragrance. Its aroma is dry woody and best described as Earthy. If you like the fragrance of Nature, than the perfumes made out of this Oil is best for you. This oil is used in many Asian Cuisines in spicy foods and sauces.

Also it adds an excellent feature of Skin Oils as it removes Tan and moisturizes body. The Oil is non sticky and nourishes body so well. It replenishes, nourishes and restores the whole body.


grape seed oil

The aroma of this oil is very refreshing and cheering, if you wish to go for therapy which refreshes you and cheers your soul, go for it. Grapefruit is also used to scent citrus perfumes, soaps, creams and lotions. It is very beneficial for Oily skin issues and supports healthy metabolism. Also the main benefit of this oil is that it helps reduce mental and physical fatigue.


Soulflower Pure Rosemary essential oil

The use of Lavender Oil is that it balances, normalize and relax the body. Lavender oil is used in baths, room sprays, toilet waters, perfumes, colognes, massage oils,  salves, skin lotions and oils. The aroma of this oil is sweet and floral and also it combines well with many oils including citrus, clove, patchouli, rosemary, clary sage and pin.
It is also used in ointments for healing and relaxing the muscles pain.

Rose Otto

This oil is considered as one of the oldest oil and has many benefits which include romanticizing as well. This Essential oil has divine fragrance of roses and a drop or two while bathing can make you fresh whole day, the massage of this oil will give you very soothing and relaxing rest. You will be surprised to know that it is an arduous task in which 60 rose petals yield a single drop of pure oil and this is the reason it is so expensive.

This is mostly used in making perfumes and skin creams and lotions. This Oil is a fertility promoter and helps creating a very romantic mood in bedroom.


sandal wood essential oil uses

Sandalwood oil has a sweet-woody aroma which improves with age. For increasing sensuality, it is that one oil which is highly recommended. It is also an excellent cleansing oil which is mixed to create creams, aftershave lotions, etc.

Also it reduces the appearances of old scars and with continuous use; it reduces the stretch marks as well. It is one spiritual and sacred oil which is used around the world during practices of prayer and meditation. This oil holds one more benefit, using this oil before bed time and will make you sleep in a jiffy.


Rosewood oil is easily available Oil. It exists because of its fantasy type aroma. It is also used to scent. The benefit of this oil is that daily usage of it before sleeping strengthens your overall body. Also it is popular for its feature to increase memory.

Benefits of this oil are that it gives a quick relief in toothaches and joint pains. It improves blood circulation and digestion. It is also known for its quality of increasing libido.

Have you used any oil from this List Of Essential Oils?

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  1. I love using Lavender essential oil for everything. it is a stress buster, burn healer, scar remover and nti fungal. Carrot seed is very good sunscreen too (25 to 30 SPF). I mix it in my homemade face serum and did not face any tanning problem.


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