List of Essentials For Beach Vacation


List of Essentials For Beach Vacation

Holidays and beach vacations go hand in hand if you love the serene picturesque water, the beautiful sunsets and long walks on the wet sand. But just this is not enough, we being a bonafide member of the style oriented women take upon ourselves the responsibility to be on the top of our fashion game where ever we go.

Here are a few tips and tricks you need to plan your most epic getaway! These hacks are sure to help you lighten your steps and a little less sag on your shoulders.

dinner on the beach langkawi

To start with, wear something very comfortable for your journey. Choose a resort near a beach so that you enjoy most of the time admiring its calm & pure blue water. What to pack for traveling is yet another cause of worry? Well the short answer to what you should pack is to try taking things as little as possible. Carry only the essentials and if you really need something, buy it. Here, Wiseshe presents to you a plethora of must-haves while you are on that coveted beach vacation: –


side fishtail winter hat

We all love our fair share of sun but in order to keep your face from getting too pigmented and full of melanin it is imperative that you invest in a beautiful sun hat. It is one classy and elegant must-have for a beach day out.


barajaya langkawi swimming pool

Where is the fun in going for a beach vacation and not jumping in the water. From infinity pools to the bare sea, it all calls out to you. So we suggest even if you are not a swimmer you should invest in a swimsuit and take this holiday to learn one of the best exercises for a fitter and sexier you.


THERAPY DAY OUTFIT Peter Pan collar top and Zara shorts+designer clothes

You must load yourself with trendy tops and shorts to go with it. If you were out during the day exploring streets of the destination you would know that it gets humid and a pair of jeans would really make you uncomfortable. Hence, for a carefree sightseeing we recommend shorts or skirts. Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding. Rolling clothes will allow you to fit more things in.

Junk jewellery:

new jewellery in my collection

We all love our diamonds and gold, but when you are out for a vacation it is a mandate that you keep it light, funky and chunky jewellery at the same time. A nice wooden statement jewellery to go with your outfit will be all that you need to oomph up your fashionista image.


Longchamp totes

An oversize tote is a need for the vacation. Since there is a lot of paraphernalia to be carried while you are out (ranging from sunscreen lotions to a pair of shades). Moreover, while you are out shopping it comes in handy to keep all you purchases and like an informed citizen avoid the use of plastic bags.

Lastly, ensure you follow these hacks the next time you travel, pack like a pro and enjoy your trip to the fullest.The list can go on and on, but we promised to stick to the essentials. Now it is the time to focus on the vacation and make preparations accordingly. Enjoy your beach vacation as if it is the last trip of your life and make the most out of it. Happy Holidays!!

Wiseshe wishes you a happy vacation.

What are your essentials for a beach vacation?

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