Little Cute Diwali Shopping by a Beauty Blogger :)


Little Cute Diwali Shopping by a Beauty Blogger 🙂

Hi Everyone!

I have not been able to shop much for Diwali due to my weekend trip to Agra. It is quite close to Delhi and is an ideal destination if you want to enjoy some family time. I am going to write about it on our travel blog soon. Our trip was just after K’s birthday and in birthday preparations, there was not much time for trip preparation. Whatever time we got was spent in just quickly packing the essentials for the trip. Now you know that among so much planning, I couldn’t find time for Diwali-shopping plans 😛

Our Agra trip was really short but still I managed to find out few little things. These pretty pieces make me happy and will glow my world this Diwali. Its not that these things are enough for the festival and I will buy more as there are still 2 days to go for Diwali but I have scheduled this post on the Diwali day for you guys so that you get to see some beautiful things on this day and probably also include something similar in your Diwali decorations 😀

Lets start with these cute little marble lamps. These are reminders of the marble wonder Taj Mahal 🙂 One can place candels in them and when lights are turned off, these will give an amazing look to home. I got them for INR 200 each from Agra.

marble lamps

I got one more thing in ‘cute little’ category from Agra and it’s a marble jewellery box.

marble jewellery box

It is small but still I can keep so many things in it. The box looks so royal to me and this royalty is not expensive. It costed just 400 rs.

jewellery box marble

Next I got this dotted glass votive from The Home Label which is Suzzane Roshan’s website. It has everything you need to decorate your home in a stylish way. Votives are another amazing way to add light beautifully to the house. You can place candles or earthen lamps in them. I think that it was of INR 300 but I don’t remember the price exactly, already have too much to keep in mind 😛 What makes this votive beautiful are the dots on it.

dotted glass votive

I also got this turquoise jewellery stand and I’m sure that it will make my jewellery collection more organized and will make it look even better. I had this in my mind for so long and the retro feel it gives is amazing. Just check out the distressed work done on it.

distressed turquoise jewellery stand

I am going to keep it on my vanity table which I have in the Youtube videos.

I have a thing for vintage styles and I got this vintage box as it reminds me of Lords of The Rings 😛 I love the movie and it was the motivation behind this buy. See, we don’t take only fashion ideas from films.

decorative box

I will keep some wishes in the box and who knows they come out true 🙂 This box was on sale and costed me INR 1250. K was like, 1250 for just a box is too much but he doesn’t realise that this box and I have a connection 😛

box decoration

I also got some furniture for my house which I might share with you guys soon. I love to decorate my house and I keep experimenting with new things.

Do tell me what all did you get for your home on Diwali. This will give more ideas or you can send me a pic and I will share it here on the blog. We love to share and this way we will have many beautiful ideas at one place.

Take Care

Have a Happy and Safe Diwali


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  1. loving the jewellery stand…resembling the windows of our 200 years old house…the feeling of something special you know…. 😀


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